"They took all of our friends. They took the rest of our family. And they'll take you if they find you."

All of Reina's loved ones have been taken by Jackson DeGraff and his small crew of kidnapping masterminds. They have accused her of killing their once-thriving army of kidnappers and crime-doers. They've taken everyone she loves, but they still haven't taken her. Now, Reina's running for her life, out to prove to Jackson that she is completely innocent. Will Reina clear her name in time to save her life? Or will Jackson finally get his revenge?


2. Chapter Two

       By the time I’d crawled back up through the hatch at the first house, it was pitch black dark and I could see absolutely nothing. I was surprisingly glad to be back at the shack. It scared me not knowing how much longer I could go. I didn't want "them" taking me to their slaughter house.

       I had to feel my way around the house so I could find a place for my tired, worn-out body to rest for the night. Darkness and fatigue. What a great combination. I hated this. But, if I wanted to save my family, then this is what I had to go through to get them back. I finally found the bedroom after minutes of blind searching. I laid down on a couch, careful not to run into anything, and quickly fell asleep.

       After what felt like days of unconciousness, I finally awoke and tons of light was streaming into the room through the cracks in the walls. I immediately jumped up off the couch, realizing that Jackson and his crew probably kept running through the night. He could be anywhere by now. But, I had no time to worry about that. I climbed out of the window, relieved by the fact that my body was fully rested, and started sprinting.

       A few hours had gone by with no sign of Jackson, Charlie, or Bones, until I heard screaming. “Reina!” Oh no. It’s him. It's all three of them. Run, Reina. Don't stop until you're off the continent. I did what my instincts told me to, and ran for it, ran back to the house, ran away from Jackson and his thieving, deceptive crew. But, when I got to the house, I took one glance at it, not stopping to take a full look at it, and realized that I’d be crazy to stop there. He’ll stop here to check for me. He’ll start by looking for me here. I have to keep running. So, I did.

       I ran until I was sick to my stomach and could officially run no farther. I had no choice but to walk, because I couldn’t stop. There’s no way I can stop now. I have to keep going. For Mom, for Matt, for Emily, for everyone. They need me as much as I need them. “Reina!” Charlie was yelling, obviously straining to be as loud as possible. Unfortunately, I hadn't yet gained enough energy to start running again, but I had to try. Jackson isn’t going to give up anytime soon. He isn’t going to give up until he finds me. None of them are.

       More time passed, and I could see the sky was starting to turn purple. It's going to be dark soon. I kept running until I had found another shack just on the outskirts of the forest. It was pretty dark by now. I waited to see if the shack was already being occupied, but, fortunately, to no avail. I crept inside and immediately found a filthy bed. This will have to do for the night. It’s either this or the ground. I looked around for a few minutes, hoping to fing some food or a flashlight or anything else that I could maybe later use.

       After finding absolutely nothing worth my survival, I decided it was time to go to sleep. I'm gonna need all the energy I can get if I want to survive this chase. I jumped onto the bed and crawled underneath the ragged blanket, ready to hop up and run for it if I needed to. Soon, I fell asleep, preparing myself for another day of attempting to survive.

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