Starlight Starbright (One Direction FanFiction)

(Takes place before One Direction becomes a band).
Petra is starting her first year at a new school; a boarding school, along with three other new kids. Kate, Niall, and Liam. Most of these kids have flown from all across the world to become a part of this school others just across the country. Its not too easy coming from such a far ways away to go to a school you'd never even heard of according to Irishman Niall Horan. And he also never intended to get caught into the worst love triangle of his life.


1. Prologue

Starting a new life, creating something new. Becoming someone different. I stared out the window plane, feeling kind of lost. Why was I doing this? Going to a new school, leaving my family. Id barely left the province of the city but here I am on a plane to america. Moving from one country to another. I wondered how different America would be from Finland. I wondered if I would make friends. If I would like it. But then again, I could lie to myself and my parents. Say I liked it. My parents were proud that I was becoming more independent and werent really okay with the fact that my new boarding school was in America. So far away from them. I couldnt blame them. But I really just wanted to see the world. Discover what was out there. Maybe my life would turn into one big adventure.


(Sorry its so short I'm going to post Part one of chapter one in literally like a minute!)

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