The Bucket List

Sarah Hardwood is a small-town girl from Great Britian. She is a school trouble maker with a single mom. She doesn't have the perfect life. She was adopted at 3 weeks old and suffers from Dyslexia.
Sarah started making a bucket list at 8 years old and has kept it since. When Sarah's mom dies she sets out to find her real family- the number one thing on her bucket list.- She faces obstacles and meets... a world famous boyband? ....

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2. Chapter 1


      I sat in Science with my lab partner, Elise. We were supposed to make the color of our water change with a chemical reaction but, Elise and I were the 'trouble makers'. We rigged all of the beakers to blow-up.

Awesome right?! We were waiting and smirking.

"Um, Sarah, the principal needs you in the office." my teacher, Mrs. Dales said with a sorrowful face.

"Oh, okay." I said very confused.

I got up from my stool. I walked to the door and opened it looking at Mrs. Dales. All of the sudden all the beakers exploded.

I dashed out the room laughing. I walked through the empty halls and into the office.

I looked and saw my principal with tear stained cheeks. Now I was worried.

"Auntie Marie, what's wrong?" I asked with worry. Yes, the principal was my aunt.

"Sarah Grace! Y-your mum, she-she was in a c-car crash! She didn't m-make it..." Auntie Marie said bursting into tears.

"W-what..." a tear rolled down my cheek.

"I'm so sorry come here." she said holding out her arms. I ran into her hug.

"I have to get you home. We have to find your real family."

"But, your my real family... I don't know them."

"You must go... on your own..."


"Because, they put you up for adoption and never wanted you to find them. They can't know your you." Auntie Marie said holding me tighter.

"O-okay, I just don't understand..."

"Come on. We have to leave." She grabbed my hand and pulled me outside.

"You will be sent with a man, Mr. Draves. He will take you to your guardians. From there they will help you find your family. It won't be hard." Auntie Marie handed me two suitcases.

"These are your bags. They have everything you need. I made sure your bucket list was in them too. This is Mr. Draves. He will take you to the airport and to your guardians. If anybody asks, Mr. Draves is Mr. Hardwood... your father. Alright?" She asked giving me a hug.

"Okay." was all I could get out.

"Okay... I'll miss you. Be careful and do what Mr. Draves says he will keep you safe..." Auntie Marie kissed my cheek and said goodbye.

She picked me up and handed me to Mr. Draves. He took my bags and grabbed me. He carried me to a limo. He put my bags in and set me down.

"Get in. Help yourself to the snacks." I did as told and got in. I was suprised yet, happy I could meet my real family.

"I can't believe mum died..." I whispered. The world wouldn't be the same with out her.

"Excuse me, Mr. Draves but, why? Why is everything happening so fast?" I asked tears pouring out like a waterfall.

"I don't know how you feel right now. So I can't answer that. But, it has been my job for a long while now to help people in there time of need no matter what it is. And I know things will only get better." he responded pulling me into a hug.

"I can only hope so..." I said and let him hold me.

I didn't know Mr. Draves but, he was all I had right then...

I soon found myself dozing off in his arms.

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