The Bucket List

Sarah Hardwood is a small-town girl from Great Britian. She is a school trouble maker with a single mom. She doesn't have the perfect life. She was adopted at 3 weeks old and suffers from Dyslexia.
Sarah started making a bucket list at 8 years old and has kept it since. When Sarah's mom dies she sets out to find her real family- the number one thing on her bucket list.- She faces obstacles and meets... a world famous boyband? ....

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1. Sarah

Sarah Grace Hardwood:

Age: 13

Eye Color: Brown

Hair Color: Brown / Strawberry Blonde

Info: Sarah Grace was born with Dyslexia. Her biggest dream is to have people stop judging her by her disablity. She wants to be treated normal.

Sarah was adopted at 3 weeks old. Her real parents are... unknown.

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