Pregnant 101 With Harry 3

A new set of challenges is assigned to the life of Kat Styles and Harry Styles. They now have two children and are now a big happy family. But will there be drama still itching to be let into their lives? Will Kat and Harry make a mistake in parenthood again?



OMG SOOOOO SORRY FANS THAT I HAVENT POSTED IN ALMOST A YEAR IT FELT LIKE! I forgot the password to this account and started a new one and then I found a piece of paper that had the password to this account on it so I'm so happy that I found it! And a lot of people are wondering about this story and I'm gonna pick 3 people to work on this story with me and I'll choose them tomorrow! YOU MUST BE FOLLOWING ME TO BE ONE OF THE AUTHORS OF THIS STORY! And yes, this story is now up!! Once I get the people to help write this, then the story will begin! Again I'm sooo extremely sorry I forgot the password, but HEY I remembered it now! :)) ~ Ashley

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