Passageway to Heaven

Kassidy White and Luke Hemmings go on an unbelievable journey to get their way inside of Heaven. Will they make it through, or will they be stuck on Earth forever?
*For the Afterlife Writing Competition*
3014 Words


5. Chapter 5

Luke and I interlocked hands and closed our eyes and we were back in the white room. There were open doors now. Luke and I passed through as we saw Heaven. The most beautiful sight. It was truly indescribable, but everyone will hopefully experience it one day. A man with wings can over to us and said. 
"Your performance was over the top. It was excellent. Therefore, we gift you both your very own wings. You are angels."
"Luke looks over to me and says,"Kassi?"
"Yeah" I look back at him smiling.
"I've been waiting to tell you this, but, I love you"  A smile from ear to ear formed on my face.
"Yeah Kassi?"
"I love you too!" We both lean in and as we kiss, I swear sparks were flying everywhere.
There ends our forever. Forever together. Together Forever.

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