Passageway to Heaven

Kassidy White and Luke Hemmings go on an unbelievable journey to get their way inside of Heaven. Will they make it through, or will they be stuck on Earth forever?
*For the Afterlife Writing Competition*
3014 Words


4. Chapter 4

The next day me and Luke go separate ways early in the morning. I spent my day basically going on a computer at a cyber cafe and gathering a lot of emails. I knew what I had to do. 
At about 3 in the afternoon, Luke met me here. 
"Hey, the video is finished." He says walking into the cafe.
"Perfect. I know what to do."
"Really?" He asks.
"Yeah. We have to get it known right?"
"Yeah, and?"
"Well, what better way than to get it out than with what is popular now?"
"And what is that?"
"oh my gosh! Kassi! That's amazing!"
"I gathered all these emails, we can send a link of the video to managements of different bands, and we can post it on youtube."
The rest of the day we spent sending out an email to thousands of different companies and managements. 
When we reached back to the hotel I couldn't help but be smiling. This might actually work. We had three days left. 
I went to sleep right away, eager to wake up, and I saw that Luke did the same. 
The next morning, we woke up and we immediately went to the cyber cafe.  We logged into our emails and were surprised to find over 50 responses. 
Luke said, "Kassi look!" I lean over to look at his screen and was shocked at what I saw. It was the video we uploaded to youtube. The video had reached over 2 million views!
"Omg, Luke!" That could be it! We could be done!"
"Not yet, Kassi. People are probably calling the hospital donating money, but it's probably not enough."
"Omg Luke! Look at this." My eyes stumble upon a certain email, and as I read it I have tears formed in my eyes.
"Kassi, that's One Direction's Management!"
"I know Luke!" 
"Kassi, we have to email them back the information." I hug him and say, "Don't worry Luke, we are one step closer to Heaven, and helping many of these children's lives."
The email said that One Direction  would be willing to do a video here if we could give them all the information and some more.
I quickly sent them back an email telling them everything that they would need to know. 
Instantaneously, I received an email back that they would be here the next day.
That day we roamed the streets seeing so many families happy, every time I would ask anyone why, they would respond because they got a vaccine. 
The next day, One Direction came and shot a video in the very first hospital we visited. Me and Luke were so proud, but we stayed behind, making sure they wouldn't see us. The released the video for Comic Relief the same day. I saw on the Internet that the video was all the buzz. Every site had a cover of the story somewhere. We saw that Zayn Malik, a member of the group, donated 500,000 euros alone. We saw fans everywhere donating all they could. Me and Luke thought it was incredible what was happening, and more so, we couldn't believe this was because of us. We couldn't believe we could do something so strong. 

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