Passageway to Heaven

Kassidy White and Luke Hemmings go on an unbelievable journey to get their way inside of Heaven. Will they make it through, or will they be stuck on Earth forever?
*For the Afterlife Writing Competition*
3014 Words


1. Chapter 1

Police lights and ambulance sirens were everywhere. I was falling in and out of consciousness and people were trying to talk to me. I couldn't reply though, it was as if my mouth was glued together. I tried to move, but my body wouldn't allow any motion. I was stuck here. Dying.
The last thing I remember was that I was on my way to my parents house. I was just driving, but I didn't see the car. Next thing I knew was we had crashed.
Out of all the pain, I managed to open my eyes, and suddenly all the pain went away. I could talk again! I saw my mom, dad, and brother sitting around me as I sat up. 
"Mom! Dad! Ryan! I'm all right!" I went to wipe away my mom's tears on her cheek as I lifted my hand to it. I swiftly took my thumb and tried wiping away her tears, my hand went straight through her body. I stared at my hand in shock. 
"MOM! DAD! RYAN! Someone has to be able to see me!" I yelled as I started to cry. I see that they are all looking towards my feet, and when I look down I see my body. "No!", I say as the realization hit me. I was dead.
I stand up to see everything around me. I see my family and paramedics around me, and as I look over to the other car I see someone else. He was wandering, looking around just like me. He couldn't be much older then me, a year at the most. I see him look over as we lock eyes. 
His skin was a perfect pale white color, and his eyes were blue like the ocean. His hair was a dirty blonde color, and his tight fitting shirt showed off his fit body. 
I glance down to look at myself, some black shorts, same curly, brown hair, and flowy tank-top. I noticed that I didn't have blood or anything wrong with me like the body underneath me. As I step away from everyone, I come to see the boy following me. 
"Hey," his voice was sweet and charming.
"Hello" I didn't know how I felt about talking, but I guess it was better to face someone then hide in my fears. 
"I'm Luke. Look, I'm really sorr.." I cut him off.
"I'm Kassidy, and please don't be sorry. It was my fault. I'm honestly really sorry for this" Tears form at the brim of my eyes. 
"Look Kassidy, this isn't anyone's fault. It was bound to happen." His smile glimmers in the moonlight as I smile back. "Let's take a last look at them before we go." 
As we walk back to look at both our families I ask him, "Do you know where we go now? Do you know what happens to us?" I couldn't help but be curious with that one question.
"No, but something tells me that the light shining brighter than everything else over there has to do something with it". 
I look up, and this is the first time I actually see the light. It was just like what everyone had said would happen. It was so easy, you pass through a light and that decides Hell or Heaven. No. It couldn't be.
"Are you ready Kassidy?" I look over to him, as I see that I started crying again. The hardest thing was knowing I will probably never see my family again.
"Please call me Kassi? It was what my friends and family called me, and yeah I'm ready. How about you?"
"Kassi," he smiles."Yeah, I'm ready." I look over his shoulder to see a little girl that looked just like him in the middle of, from what I could tell were, his parents. 
Even though I knew they couldn't hear me I whispered, "I'm sorry" to his his family.


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