The President's Daughter

When the President of the United States invites the one and only One Direction to the White House to perform for his 10-year old Brooke, will one of them fall for Brooke’s older sister Kendall? Will Kendall feel the same?

(P.S The President’s name is changed because of his privacy and it’s fiction so… yeah!)


1. Brooke's Surprise

“Kendall! Dinner is ready!” One of our maids came in the room saying.

“Alright, I’ll be down in a moment.” I said setting my phone down.

I fixed my hair and walked to the staircase for dinner. Sometimes I hate living in the White House, I mean, it’s a great honor and all but everyone seems so far away from each other. And yes, I said ‘the White House’; I’m President Jones’ nineteen year old daughter. It has its ups and downs, like having secret service following you everywhere. I had talked to my Dad about it, but he said it was for safety and there was no exception.

“Good evening Mom and Dad.” I said walking into the dining room.

“Good evening Kendall!” They replied smiling.

“You guys seem happy.” I laughed, taking a seat next to my Dad.

“We have a surprise for your sister’s birthday tomorrow. We’re going to tell her at dinner.” My Dad said.

“Mary, where is Brooke?” My Mother asked.

“I told her it was time for dinner; she should be here in a minute.” Mary replied sweetly.

“Thank you Mary.” My Mom nodded.

“Sorry for holding dinner up, I was finishing my nails.” Brooke said skipping into the room.

Brooke is my nine year old sister. Most girls my age would hate their little sister, but I love mine! As soon as she sat down, Mary and Phillip brought out our dinner plates.

“So, Brooke, how has your day been?” I asked.

“Ok, my homeschool teacher gave me a lot of work.” She said.

“Work is good!” I said.

“Says the one who has no homework!” She laughed.

“You’re right!” I said sticking my tongue out at her.

“Girls, eat your dinner.” My Dad said.

“Yes sir.” We replied, keeping in laughs.

       “Now, Brooke, your Mother and I have a special surprise for you birthday.” My Dad said sticking his napkin next to his empty plate.

She smiled and I could tell she was getting excited. “I was going to make this dramatic, but I can’t do it without giving it away.” He continued.

“Ok.” My sister giggled.

“But…” He said smiling. “One Direction is coming here to perform for us!” He said.

“You’re lying!” She said standing up.

“Nope.” My Dad smiled.

“They’ll come at noon and stay to have dinner with us at 7 o’clock!” He added.

“OH MY GOD!!! ONE DIRECTION IS GOING TO BE HERE TOMORROW!!!” She screamed making my parents and I cover our ears. Before I knew it, she was on the ground crying.

“I have to go tell Ashlynn!” She said standing up.

“May I be excused?” She asked Mom.

“Yes, dear.” She said laughing.

         “Well, she seems excited.” I laughed, taking a sip of water.

“I’m glad!” Mom said.

“Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go finish work.” Dad said standing.

“Ok honey, just don’t work too late, we have a big day tomorrow!” Mom said.

“Yes ma’am!” He said pushing in his chair and exiting the room as Mary came in to clear the dishes from the table.

“Here Mary, let me help with washing the dishes.” Mom said getting up.

“Mom, I’ll be in my room.” I said.

“Ok, honey!” She said following Mary into the kitchen.

           I walked out of the dining room and back to my room. “I’m not lying Ashlynn, they’ll be here TOMORROW!!” I heard Brooke squealing as I walked past her room. I laughed and shook my head. I walked into my room and jumped on my bed. I leaned over and turned the radio on. The Way was on by Arianna Grande and Mac Miller. “You give me that kind of something. Want it all the time, need it every day. On a scale of one to ten I'm at a hundred. Never get enough, I can’t stay away!” I sang along, starting to dance around my room. I fell back on my bed and laughed.

         The song went off and the radio man started talking. “So, it’s rumored that this next band will be playing at the White House for the President’s daughter, who is turning ten. So, happy birthday to her and here is Kiss You by One Direction!” The radio guy announced before the song started to play. It was going to be so great to see my sister’s reaction tomorrow. I started to sing along to the song.

“I’ve taught you well!” My sister said skipping into the room.

“I guess so!” I laughed.

“I can’t wait for tomorrow!” She said spinning around in circles.

“I know, but just think, you’ll be face to face with your ‘future husbands’ tomorrow!” I said.

“Stop it!” She giggled.

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