The Boy and the Secret

Ellie's your normal 17 year old....on the inside. But to others she's the social outcast that never talks to anyone, but one day when she goes to work and finds the famous boy band One Direction there her life turns upside down. She starts to fall for Niall, but if he finds out her secret will Niall still accept her?


1. My (non) social life

Ellie's POV

I love summer in London! Well if I had some to spend it with me. See, well I've always been a social outcast. The person who sits in the back of the room who just keeps to him/ her self. The reason I don't like to talk to anyone is because of a secret about me past, I'm afraid if I talk to anyone and became friends with them that they'll find out my secret and never talk to me again. 'What is the secret?' you may ask, but I'm not telling you now you will find out later

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