A Criminal's Plea


1. A Criminal's Plea


They put me in the dungeons,

With unanswered conundrums.

Expecting me to act a mute.

I did nothing wrong.

So I stand up strong.

‘Cause all I ever did was shoot.


I’ll beg, I’ll steal, I’ll ‘borrow’,

I’ll sacrifice tomorrow.

If I become a free man today.

I’ll work up your rage,

I’ll rattle your cage,

‘Your free’ is all you have to say.


Bread become a key,

Door, set me free.

I promise I will be a good person.

I’ll give to charity,

I’ll dress with clarity.

Leave me here and I shall worsen.

I am no criminal, listen to my plea,

Please I am down on my knees.


Can you not see this is just a hoax?

This moment could be my last.

So a spell on you I shall cast,

That you eat your kingly feast and choke.


All my bad does not out way my good.

Do you always do as you should?


I am on a road to death, let me see the sun.

You have poured away my life, but please not my happiness,

Let me be joyous, let me be full of sappiness.

Because as I live, I know my life is done,


Just as the sun rises so must the setting come.


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