Another love

Still trying to figure out what the right thing to say here is. Just read the first chapter and you'll know if you like it.


1. The encounter

Carmen started to whisper "Guys, don't react immediately on what I'm about to tell you," She waited a while to say it, so I whispered: "What? Tell us! You know I'm curious." "Okay, so… I can see Louis, Niall…. And Liam." As she said to, we didn't react. We were in shock. We knew there was a tiny chance to see them today, ‘cause they were giving a concert that night nearby. Last time they gave there a concert, we also walked through this city. And yes, we saw them! But they were shopping and there were too many girls, so they had to walk past really quickly.


To be honest, I was afraid. I had dreamed about this moment so often and I was afraid that this moment wouldn't turn out like I imagined to. I was so afraid. Until I realised there were probably this time also tons of girls.


Now I also saw them. Right there, behind the hotdog stand, eating a hotdog. No, there was not one girl around them. My friends wanted to go to them and ask for a picture but I stopped them: "Wait, you can't interrupt them if they’re eating, that's rude." "Melissa, do you have any idea how awesome this is?! This probably is the only change we get to see them! Besides that, if we just walk on normal speed, we will get to them when they just finished their hotdog." Judith told me. So we did, we walked towards them. I grabbed Judith's hand and looked at her. "I know you're afraid," she whispered "but just try to be yourself." I nodded.


When we got to them, Louis put the last bite of his hotdog in his mouth, the others already finished. They were standing with their backs turned to us, so they didn't saw us coming. Carmen started to talk: "Excuse us," they all turned around, and gave a little smile. "We are some crazy mofos and we would like to take a picture with you guys." Niall started laughing "Of course you can crazy mofos." Niall first took a picture with Carmen and then with Judith. We were all looking at them taking some pictures, but then I remembered myself that I also wanted to take a picture! I looked at Liam and he was already looking at me. "Can I take a picture with you, please?" "Sure babe" Liam smiled. I gave Carmen my camera and stood next to Liam. He put his arm over my shoulder, which caused butterflies in my stomach. "Can you pinch me?" I asked looking at him. Oh, he was so close right now. "What? No, I'm not going to pinch you!" He answered looking back at me, but I avoided his gaze and 'laughed' at the camera, although it wasn't my real smile. I was so damn nervous. "But… I can do this." Liam kissed my cheek. My face lit up and Carmen took the picture. I looked at the picture and it was just perfect. I walked to Liam and thanked him with a hug. Louis was standing there a little lonely. Carmen and Judith noticed and walked up to him and asked for a picture. So they did and it turned out as a really, really crazy pic!


"Well, thank you very much! I guess we'll see you tonight at the concert." Carmen said as she walked away from the lads. "Ehm, do you want to come backstage?" Liam asked us, looking at me. "Are you for real?! We would love that!" Judith almost shouted at him. I was just speechless. Was this a dream? No, it wasn't, 'cause Liam kissed my cheek. And yes, I felt that and it still burns. Liam was still looking at me, so I gave him a big smile and nodded. "If you come with us, we'll get you backstage passes.


“Wait, are we going to the arena right now? I thought we would go shopping after our hotdog." Louis complained. "No, we weren't." Niall said winking at the girls next to me. So we walked to their cab. A security guard walked in front of us, than Louis, Judith, Niall and Carmen. Liam and I walked behind them and another security guard behind us. I saw Carmen and Judith having much fun with the lads. I didn't know what to say to Liam and apparently he had the same, 'cause there was an awkward silence between us. "Sorry, I totally forgot to introduce myself! I'm Melissa, nice to meet you." Liam shaked my hand "I'm Liam, nice to meet you too."


After a few minutes and having a nice conversation we got to the cab. It was a little narrow, because Carmen, Judith and I joined. However, the boys didn't seem to have a problem with that. In front, there was the taxi-driver and one of the security guards was sat next to him. In the middle of the car there were Judith who sat on Louis' lap, Carmen, and I sat on Liam's lap. Behind us were Niall and the other security guard. When we entered the car, Liam sat down. There was no room for me anymore so I looked if they called a second cab, but Liam gestured me to sit on his lap, so I did. I think he noticed I wasn't very comfortable 'cause he put his hands on my waist and let me lean against him. I looked at Carmen and she smiled at me. I smiled back, knowing that I'm the luckiest person on earth at that moment.

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