Just a British boy

I look into his sparkling green stars that everyone calls eyes, the eyes that I could get lost forever in, we just sit there talking for hours, laughing and crying, laughing so hard until we cry and I realize that in this moment I have everything I could ever ask for. In this moment right now, life is perfect, but things can't stay perfect forever.....


1. Anna White

 Authors note: (this is the really boring chapter just introducing the characters and whatever but it has to be done!)

Im Anna Marie White. Im a seventeen year old junior in highschool who lives in a small town in Kansas and life has always been pretty quiet. 

I have two younger twin siblings, Carson James White who is the brainiac of the family, extremely smart and a perfectionist at everything he does, he's also the cutest kid ever with blonde and and bright blue eyes you could see from a mile away.

My sister Kristen Diana White is an average student, A's, B's and a few C's here and there. She's also an insane athlete. Volleyball, basketball, softball, track, tennis, swim, even golf, any sport you can think of Kristen does it and she's amazing at it. She's also super gorgeous with long legs and brown hair and blue eyes like Carson, there both eleven and both annoying but I love them to death. 

I've also been blessed with the best parents ever. My dad Michael David White is a carpenter and very fun all the time, always making jokes and never taking anything to seriously, he has brown hair and blue eyes like the twins

My mom is Jackie Nicole White. She's a real estate agent who's very strict and very proper. She has dark brown almost black hair and deep brow eyes. My parents have been married for twenty two years and still going strong.

Then there's me. Anna White, such an average name for such an average person, not tall but not short, not overweight but not super skinny, shoulder length caramel colored wavy hair with dark brown eyes like mom. Freckles that run from my cheeks and across my nose,  and I have fortunately been given the gift of very clear skin. 

I was popular at school but not in the head cheerleader kind of way, but in a way where I knew everyone and was friends with everyone which was nice. I did have a small circle of very good friends though, Daniella Leek, Kevin Moore, Taylor Jackson, Brenda King and Ethan Greyes were my best friends who I hungout with all the time.

 I met Daniella and Ethan in math class freshman year, Brenda and I met in fifth grade but didnt really get to know her  until middle school.  Taylor and I have grown up together since pre school because our dads work together and are great friends, if I had to choose I would say she is probably my bestfriend. Kevin is practically my brother, in third grade he moved here and we instantly became friends. We dated last summer for about three months but things just didnt feel right but were still incredibly close.

My life was pretty good, i was doing great in school, it was May so it was almost summer and I've been working towards a music scholarship for Juliard. I sing and write songs as much as I breath, I think music is just in my blood and I can't live without it. Most people hear a good song on the radio but I hear a story. Every song and every note has a message. I play violin, piano, guitar, flute, and I'm in the process of learning the harp. 

I've never really been in love, I've had about four or five boyfriends but none of them lasted longer then six months. I don't see what the big deal is anyway I mean we have our whole lives to date and be in love so why not just live while we're young ;) and have fun while you can....I've never really understood why people obsess over love so much...that is until one faithful day when a curly haired green eyes British boy came into my life. Little did I know he would flip my world upside down.

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