She had been waiting for four years for him to notice her. But when he finally does... is it real? Or will he be her heartbreaker?


1. Chapter 1

I got up got dressed and walked downstairs grabbed an apple walked outside to wait for my friend. When she finally pulled up in front of my house I got in the passenger seat. "Kaitlyn Marie Bonin are you ready for another year of 'admiring from afar' as you like to call it." "Funny Carrie....At least I don't check on him every five seconds." "Shut up I'm sure you do it when no ones around." "Actually for your information I don't even look at him during class. I like to pretend that he doesn't exist." "And maybe that's why he doesn't talk to you." "We've been over this like a million times he would never like someone like me we are like way too different." "But I've seen the way he looks at you." "I'm sure its just your imagination." "No it's not. You just don't want to realize that he actually looks at you." "Can we just stop talking about it?" "Fine." "Thank you." When we got to school we went to sit at a bench to wait for our other two friends. "Hey Carrie! Hey Kaitlyn!" "Hey Candice! Hey Yessi!",me and Carrie say at the same time. "So what are you guys up to?" Candice asks. "Well in the car I was discussing with Kaitlyn here the fact that Justin actually looks at her every now and then." Carrie says. "Oh yeah I've noticed that too." Candice agrees. "Yeah and I've noticed that both of you are going crazy." I say sticking my tongue out at both of them. "Why don't you just talk to him?" Yessi asks. "Because what am I supposed to say every time he had talked to me before I had always only nodded or shooken my head to answer him. I wouldn't even look up at him." "Are you serious? Well then maybe that's why he doesn't talk to you." Carrie says. "Its not like I care anyway." I answer. "But you like him witch means you should care." Candice tells me. At moment the bell rang. "Well I better get to class." I say grabbing my backpack and running off. "This isn't over." They yell after me. "Yes it is." I yell over my shoulder. 


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