Mute Love

So Leah was an average girl, she went to school, hung out with friends, shopped and all that stuff. The only problem is she's mute! She has been her whole life. She first became mute when her mother left her father leaving her with him. He became addicted to alcohol and started beating her. She always has to just it back and take it. She has only 2 real friend Kat, but Kat usually has to travel with her family leaving Leah alone with her dad. One day her dad kicked her out and she lived in an ally for a few days. Then a kind stranger was taking a stroll and came across her....The thing is that stranger was Louis Tomlinson.......

1. Leaving

I got up quickly as the final bell rang. I ran to my locker excited for SUMMER! I'm so excited for this. Maybe I can finally get away from my dad this summer... I closed my locker only to see Kat standing on the other side.

"Hey Gurl" She said cheerfully. I waved in response. She put her arm over me and walked out with me telling me all about her plans for summer break. She was going to Florida while I was gonna stay here in Doncaster. Kat is the only person who knows what goes on with my dad. We got in her car and drove to my house. When we arrived I gave her a quick hug and got out. I gave Kat a 'look' and watched her drive off before going inside. When I went in the first thing that I smelled was alcohol and cigarette smoke. My dad saw me come in.

"No, no, no! GET OUT!"He yelled. I was stunned. He was kicking me out? My thoughts were interrupted by a stinging sensation on my cheek.

"I. Said. Get. Out!"He growled. I quickly ran out the door and down the streets. Where was I going to go? I had no relatives that could take me in... I guess I was living on the streets from now on...It beats living with my dad though.


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