The Nine Lives of the White Spotted Cat, Book 1

In 1919, a black kitten with a white spot on his flank was born near a small town. A year after his death, a cat who looked almost exactly the same was born, and a year after his death yet another cat was found. This happened nine times. Was it one cat, living out nine lives? Or nine separate cats? Could it be proof that cats really do have nine lives? It all started in 1919...

Puma had a mostly normal life at first as a kitten. His mother taught him and his sister to hunt and climb trees, just like any other cat. But his life is shaken when a mysterious white cat from his mother's past begins stalking his family, appearing everywhere like a ghost. Puma seems to be the only one to notice. Why won't this cat leave them alone? And what happens when he finally attacks?


1. Prologue

It was a century before any came to notice the odd coincidence. Some, however, didn’t think it was a coincidence. The skeptics disagreed. The skeptics did not believe that there was ever a cat that had nine lives. Those who did believe, had a reason.

    In 1919, a black kitten with a spot of white on his flank was found in a small town. He grew up and did extraordinary things and touched the lives of many that lived there. A year after his death,  another black kitten with a white spot on his flank was born, though not in the same small town, and he also grew to do extraordinary things and a year after his death yet another kitten was born. This phenomena occured over a hundred years, from 1919-2019. No one really noticed, though, until the superstitious old owner of the last of the nine white spotted cats(or one, whichever you believe), who had witnessed some part of the lives of each of the nine cats said something. Of course, this woman would have been at least close to one hundred years old, so at first few believed her when she claimed she had witnessed all nine lives of one cat. Nobody believed that a cat actually ever had nine lives. But then one, just one young person gave it a chance, and did some research. Sure enough, there were written records of nine white spotted cats, and all of the ones that birth dates had been born a year after the previous cat had died.

    The old woman and the young woman had been lucky, though. Had it not been for the fact that each of these cats had done something amazing or memorable, the two women would never have been able to find records of them. When they began showing people the evidence, they were, of course, shocked. The news of the event was across the globe. Many really believed that something had really happened, that this was all one cat living nine extraordinary lives. Many believed that it was proof of cats having nine lives, that what everyone said was just a saying was really based off of something real. Of course, though, there were skeptics. The ones that believed it was just a big coincidence, nine separate and unrelated cats.

    So, was there really one amazing cat living out nine lives, or was it simply a coincidence, nine very similar looking cats? What you want to believe is your choice. But right here, in this following first chapter, begins an account of the first white spotted cat, with all of the things that happened that nobody saw or ever wrote down or cared to remember. The untold parts of the story of the first white spotted cat, as well as the parts that people already knew. Just remember that what you want to believe is your choice. The story starts in 1919...




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