1d dream

one night i had a dream about 1D


1. the meet

One day me and my friends Hope and Karley were skiing at a hill and when we took a break we saw one direction.Then we started talking to them after a while they asked us to go home with them and we said yes!!when we got there it was midnight so me Karley and Hope slept there.Kayla slept in Louis's bed , Karley slept in Zayn's bed,and H ope slept in liam's bed harry and niall were sad that they didn't have a date but the 3 girls hooked niall up with a girl named lindsey and  when the girls were sleeping the boys took off the girls clothes (yuck)!Louis,Zayn,andLiam woke us up doing it the we did not fall a sleep again.the next morning Harry made us some eggs with love potion in it then Louis ,Liam , and Zayn beat the crap out of harry (it was funny!!)

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