let me kiss you

Tasha is in X factor and one direction come to see the contestants and congratulate them all, will Tasha fall in love with one of them? read the story to find out! x


1. The X Factor

it was the day I got to meet one direction. they were finally coming to watch the contestants! I have always loved Niall Horan from the day I first saw him on TV and  I was going to get to meet him OMG I cant believe this! it was 5.30pm one direction are coming my way! I just stood there and they started to talk to me I couldn't believe it. me Tasha was having a conversation with one direction! it was 6.00pm by the time we got to singing. I sang clown. afterwards Niall came up to me and said "I liked that performance!" I quickly said "thank-you!" as I went to walk away I felt someone touch my arm who could it be?

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