magical love


1. Mary

hi my name is Mary Crystal Waters, I know go ahead and laugh I mean crystal waters what were my parents thinking. Well here is a little about me.

             Hair color: slightly dark brown hair with natural hot pink streaks, oh and its go's just above my waist.

            species and status: mermaid princess slash angle

            tail color: neon turquoise

            eye color: turquoise with a soft slash dark pink rim

            favorite color: anything neon

    well that's what I look like I like all types of music and I love to read. I live in California and I love Sushi. I used to live in Greece and that's where I was born, my mother was the mermaid queen and my father was a human they fell in love but when she had me he had a job transfer to California and took me with mother is immortal and so is my father he is also a angel so I am half angle and half mermaid, cool right. I have many powers that I will tell you about later. well I'm seventeen my DOB is September 21. well I'm going to go swim with my mother, oh by the way I don't turn into a mermaid when I touch water I can choose to when ever I want, same with my wings. bye got to go.   

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