Describing The Boat.

This is a entry from the book "Boy Overboard" I wrote at school.


1. Describing The Boat.

As I sit on this boat I have a strange feeling inside. I hear people groaning then leaning over the edge of the boat to be sick. I hear the engine chugging, then I smell smoke drifting through the air towards me. The sick on the deck sloshing about, the waves crashing over the side forcing the boat to rock. The more I think of the smells around me, the more I can smell it. My throat feels as if it's been skinned. Dry, soar and throbbing.


I won't look around, not until they've cleared it all up. I feel sick.......


This place is unbearable, I feel sick. Yuk! I look down at my feet, I find sick moving about me, going into my shoes. I look down at Bibi, she groans. I look around at the children crying, their parents trying to comfort them. This whole boat is cramped. I can feel people behind me coughing and breathing on my neck. 


The engine is puffing smoke, carrying its scent towards me. I start coughing, I feel queasy, I can't breath. I look around to the right...... Ew! There's sick pouring from someone onto the deck. I look to the left hoping to see a bar of soap or something to get rid of this smell. But no, there's sick everywhere! I pull myself away from the smell and try to imagine the smell of Australia, the lovely fresh air, clean beaches, football. I can't wait to play football......................

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