My Lover

We were best friends in play school, all the way to the end of secondary school before this all happened. He went to audition for the X Factor and became a group with 4 of his best friends. He completely forgot about me. I was out of his life. Untill, one day, something changed forever.


1. You can sing?

*Lola's POV*

Me and Louis walked to English, while I was talking about prom, which is in a couple of weeks.

'I'm so excited for prom Lou!! I don't know why but I reckon it'll be really good!' I happily said

'Ah me too, I was going to ask you about prom actually. You're not going with anyone are you?' Louis asked me

'Nope' I said popping the 'p'

'Oh well..I was wondering, would you be my date?'

'YES!!! Of course I will Lou!!!' I shouted excitedly, jumping up and down.

Louis laughed, 'okay good!! Calm down though, people are staring'

'Haha okay sorry'


We went and sat down in our seats while our teacher was talking about what we are going to be doing this lesson. I was thinking about what I am going to wear to prom. My mum can help me choose my dress at the weekend. My thoughts got interrupted by my phone ringing.

'Who's phone is that?' Mr Simpson angrily shouted.

It went off again. I checked it and an unknown number calling me. Hmm..I wonder who that could be?

'Sorry sir, that was my phone. I will turn it off now' I said to him.

Mr Simpson rolled his eyes at me and carried on with the lesson. The lesson dragged, it felt like I was in there for hours. Finally it finished and me and Louis had different lessons next so we arranged to meet at the canteen at lunch so we wouldn't have to walk around the school trying to find each other. We both walked to our lessons.


My lesson finished quite quickly, well it felt quick anyways. I went to the canteen to meet Lou but he wasn't there. I waited another 10 minutes for him but he still hadn't come. I decided to walk around to try and find him. I bumped into Josh and asked him if he said seen Louis.

'Yeah, I think he might still be in music, i'll take you there' Josh smiled at me and lead me to music.

He pointed at the door that Louis was in and then he left. I walked closer then suddenly I could hear someone singing. They were really good!! For a second I thought it was Louis but he hasn't told me he could sing so I don't think it is. I walked closer to the door and pressed my ear against it.



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