A letter to Lucifer

what would you say and what would you ask for if you could collaborate with the devil ?


1. Greetings from a fan

                   A letter to Lucifer

Lucifer , I see you

I can imagine how weak and great you are

You are the perfect beauty

All it takes to fall in love with you is to resist

As you know how to have it and how to get it

My eyes may have never seen you

But as skillfull as you sound as striking you should look 

You could be anything but you couldn’t be so easy to understand

But you and I have things in common

Your ego is all over my enemies' bodies

Wearing them like if it's theirs .

Fear I don’t know as I was born to fight against ,

You don’t have to be an evil soul and turning them crazy

Not exorcism

You just are everywhere , inside every mind .

Away from love but so close to it .

You never have enough as you could represent people from my own blood and flesh .


I need your power , I want the wheel

I want the greatness , that’s all I want to steal

becasue as you are a part of them , you are a part of me

I wanna make’em cry     , I wanna make’em suffer

I wanna make’em know , but never die

I will take all your skills

Collide with me , for revenge

Your desires will make you stay

We will take the crawl far , far away

As much as it will take

As much as I get satisfied

And I will stir with power

And then consider you aside

 As I am the partner of the devil

But I abandon him

Don’t  blame and don’t complain

I do like you taught me to

Your favourite tides and storms are now all mine

Take it all in swallow your pride or let it eat you I don’t care



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