Two peas in a pod

Is tara playing hard to get??? Or does she my want another heart break???


1. Playing hard to get!:)

      Tara's pov

It all started when Zayn and I had met. I had met him at the stripper club where he comes to see me dance every night. I had only been working the poles for a couple of days and I was already getting a lot of attention. After a couple of weeks of watching he got the balls to actually ask me out. 

“Hey my name is Zayn.”
“So I've heard! I thought you were supposed to be on tour????”
“Were on a break we get one for a couple of months then we go back on tour.”
“Oh, that's kool!”
“What's your name?”
“Why would the famous Zayn Malik want to know my name???”
“Well I was planning on ask this pretty lady out!!!”
“I don't have time for guys.”
“I'm pretty sure you can see why...”
“So will to go on a date with me.... Uh...”
“Taralynn but I prefer Tara.”
“Will you go on a date with me Tara??”
“Try harder”
“Ah I see!!! Trying to play hard to get!”
“Well I will try harder!”
“Okay byeee!!”

Zayns pov


She was so beautiful I've watched her ever since I came home! The first night was when me and the boys had a party. We decided to go to the pub down the street from my house! When we got here i looked at her and something made her look so delicate and innocent. She looked as if she had been force to wear stilettos and fishnet pantie hoes. I felt sorry for her. I know I didn't know her but it felt like something was pulling me to her. I don't know what but I'm pretty sure it was the love of god! I know people think I'm some bad person but I can be good when I want. 

When I was done talking to her i went home. I was so tired from 2 days ago where I had the lat day of our tour. It was time we were on our way home and everybody wouldn't shut up so I could go to bed but oh well. 

As soon as I got home i ate and then went to bed.



Info:Okay so this is my first book! Tell me if you like it or not I need 10 votes and 5 comments!!!!!!

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