Everything Has Changed

I'm not the girl you knew. I've changed and you need to accept that. I'm sorry Liam but Everything Has Changed.


1. Rise and Shine

I slipped my legs out from the covers. I went to sleep in a sports bra and spandex. I walked downstairs. I saw a note on the counter. 


I went to pick some one up. :) Please be presentable when I come home.


I shrugged my shoulders. She must have just left. I plugged my phone into the house stereo system. Fuck you betta by Neon Hitch came on. I sang along while cooking. Mum texted me that she was bringing home 5 people. I set the table and cooked a feast almost. Soon Still in this Bitch by B.O.B came on and I started to sway my hips. I turned it up so loud that the house was vibrating. I began to rap along. I looked at the table and was satisfied with my work. Tapout came on and I turned it down. I sang and raped along. The song was over. 

Clapping erupted from behind me. I spun on my heels. 4 out of the 5 were clapping one was giving them the death glare. He chucked me his hoodie. I recognized him instantly. It was my brother Liam. 

"Put it on." He spat. I slipped it over my head. He gave all the boys death glares. He walked over to the music and turned it right off. "Why? Why the fuck do you listen to this and wear that? Seriously Vi cover up." He said sounding disgusted. Tears formed in my eyes. 

"What? What's wrong with this Liam? Is it cause I'm fat? God I here it from everyone but I didn't expect it from you. You just have to take away what little confidence I had left." I cried. He was shocked. He reached out for me. 

"Vi I didn't mean it like that...." He pleaded. 

"Piss off Liam. Just piss off. Enjoy fucking breakfast. I'm going up stairs." I said pushing past him. Tears streaming down my face. My mum had entered the house but I ran right past her. She called out to me but I ignored it. I slammed my door shut and threw myself on my bed sobbing. 

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