Adopted By Savers! ~1D Fan-Fiction

Allie is a 4 year old girl who lives in a orphanage. Her parents abandended her when she was born and left her in the house for 1 year. Someone eventually found her and took her to the orphanage and she has been living there for years. She is waiting for someone to adopt her.... one day she gets adopted by.... wait for it..... ONE DIRECTION!!
Read and find out all about Allie's life adopted by 1D!


1. Where It All Began...

4 years ago there lived a happy couple. Their names... Hanna and Jack Smith. They were a very happy couple until... they were expecting a child. Jack didn't want a child and neither did Hanna, they didn't want to kill the baby, they wanted her to live. They didn't do abortion or anything like that. They waited till the baby was born. When the baby was born they fell in love. Although they know they didn't want or need a baby and thought it would affect their relationship. So they decided to move. Jack and Hanna found a place for 2 in London, Ontario. But... they had forgotten something/someone that needed them dearly. Allie!! They had forgotten their only child, or did they forget? They never came back for Allie and never will. About a year later when Allie was 1 year old, someone was going to move in that old house and Allie was found. The person who found her called he police and no one had reported a missing child. So the woman and man that was going to move in to the house did not want a child as they were only 16 and were not ready to have that much responsibility. The Landlord had to find a home for this little girl. So the only thing he could think of was to give her to the Orphanage. He called and they came and picked up the little girl. They brought her their and she has been living there ever since. Allie has no contact with her real parents as they are drug addicts, Jack killed the mom (Hanna) and she doesn't know them.

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