Welcome back to my shop ol' friend :)

A girl called Melanie had a fun filled life until her father's shop closed down and they ran out of money and she had insisted to pay for it with the money she was given by an old friend but her parents refused then soon her father died and her life got even worse, but then she had an idea! :) Sounds interesting? Please, go ahead read the story!


1. Gone Forever

"The shop hasn't been going well and didn't get enough money to pay to keep the shop so they are gonna close it until we can pay again. He says we have about 2-3 months." "I can pay!" "Sweetheart, we don't want you to use your money for your father's shop." "But he's MY father!" "Honey! No! That's final!" Beep beep beep beep. I threw my phone on the bed and grabbed my hoodie and put it over my tank top, and put jeans on after taking my shorts off. I grabbed my keys and ran into the car. I started the car and headed to the residence of Melanie's parents. I finally got there and ran out of the car and rang the doorbell. Click! "Melanie! What are you doing here," my mom said concerned "Here to see dad." "Oh. Well then. I need you to get in the car." "What do you mean?!" "Just get in the car!" We walked to the car and mom started driving to the hospital. "Wait. Mom. Are you sure this is the right way?" "Honey, you don't even know where we are going do you?" "Well hopefully not to the hospital!" "Just be calm. Don't worry about him. He may be old and sick, but he is fine." "Sick?!" "I don't tell you everything for a reason Melanie! You always over react!!" "Fine. I'll just lay back and shut-up." We got to the hospital and my mom asked to see my dad. "I'm sorry, but Devian checked out this morning." "What do you mean he checked out this morning?!" I half shouted, scared. "Let me speak to your mother. Why don't you go and have a seat." I went to sit down and forever later they came back, my mom holding 2 boxes of tissues. "I'll tell you in the car." I patted my moms back knowing why she was crying and that's when I asked my mom for the other box of tissues in her hand. She gave me the box and I started bursting into tears as people stared and when I looked up the quickly looked away frightened. "So I guess you know huh?" I shook my head saying, "He's gone forever know." "Oh sweetie, don't say that. He may be gone but not forever. He is in our hearts." 

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