Psychopaths Can't Be Superheroes - (A Death Note Fanfic)

Miki is no ordinary 13 year old girl. She has a past. But at Wammy's House, she gets a second chance at a normal life. Or does she? All she really wants to do is help, but psychopaths can't be superheroes. Or can they?


1. New Home

The rain lashed against the car windows. I stared out at the starry sky while I listened to my iPod.

May not be able to fly, but I’ll take you on adventures.

May not move at the speed of light, but when you need me I’ll be there.

Ah oooooooh.

Save the day when you start to lose hope.

Ah oooooooh.

I’ll never be a superhero.

I couldn’t fly, but my imagination was adventure enough for me. But how was I supposed to save the day if I was the one who had lost all hope? No, I definitely wasn’t a superhero.

Just then, the car came to an abrupt stop outside the large metal gates of Wammy’s House. My new home.

I was taken to an office just off of the main entrance. It was rather plain. A man named Rodger said that people would refer to me as Miki. Apparently every kid here used an alias. Seemed pretty shifty to me.

I was soon shown to a room that would be my new room. My new roommates had already been told that I was coming in the night. It was dark and all I could see were two sleeping figures. I dumped my bag at the foot of my new bed and crawled in. this was going to be a disaster if I let my true colours show. I knew it.

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