Concept of a story

Please leave opinions about this story to wether i should contiunue!
please dont tell me you don't understand, please just review my writing style and story idea


1. First Concept

This is a concept of the book of which i wish to write, many parts maybe changed or removed as i persue the ending of the book.

"It isn't our fight"stated Alex, "It is our fight Alex" replied Arthur, Arthur glased over the river and seamed to be watching the towers far off in a distant place. "Arthur, What do you hope to acheve" Alex muttered Arthur heard him "I hope to acheve what many kings and wizards have failed, to reclaim the Elder Towers" Alex faded into the distance grim and hopeless.

"He does not understand my lady, he is too young, he hasen't matured yet. you cannot expect this from him" Arthur said, The Lady faced him and glared into his eyes "He has more abilities beyond the visions of me or you, trust him Arthur your life depends on it" the sun started to disappear behind the mountains. "My lady, i am only doing what i feel to be right and i will continue to furfill my own wishes"Arthur echoed, The Lady did not reply, she was in deep thought staring onto the sun as if to an old friend. "Arthur, My plans are set forward, they are under you very feet waiting for you to carry on with you true purpuse. Home is long ago, the World is nigh".

Arthur was resting, his talk with The Lady was bound to him, he was tired of her consistant orders and compaints, the slow speech of her was still muttering in this head. He was old, he was tired, he was alone, Alex abandoned him and his company becuase he did not beileve. The hope of Elves, Men and Dwarves was latched onto his company, The fate of the company was shroueded in mist and whispers.

Arthur returned to the companys camp, they were just as quiet at Arthur was. No one spoke, no one whispered, everyone was deep in thought. Night fell upon the company, Arthur need not speak of Alex's departure, they all felt the darkness around them, the spirts which circled the Dwarves and Men taunting them with memories and bleak visions of the future. Few slept that night, they all lay silent and pacient waiting for the sun to rise so they could continue on their jounrney.

Night faded, the sun rose upon the trees and began to wake the company from their disturbed slumber, Arthur was the first to awake and he swiftly woke Harold and they began to get ready. "Harold can you please wake everyone i need to have a moment to... clear my head" Arthur  said and walked to the very same place he was before the night, the river was flowing the same as it was last night, the trees were the same, everything seamed just as it was before the night. Arthur sat on a rough bolder bulging out of the ground and again gazed out across the river.
"My lord, We must depart if we are to make the Roky Mountains before nightfall" said Harold, Arthur was pulled from his consentration "Yes, Of course" replied Arthur.

The comany departed from their camp and continued to persue the Roky Mountains which were domonating the open sky, mist surrounded the summits which declared them even more fear, as the day continued the hearts of the company were lifted ever so slightly that small talking began to convayer through the group.

They day felt long and hard, the road seamed to ever climb and the trees began to close on them, Arthur was still down from the departure of Alex, the thought of him wondering the wilderness endlessly and alone felt more real than he originally dreamed. The clouds were inching towards them from above as the group continued to head closer towards the Roky Mountains.

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