The vampire's journal

About a young vampire finding her way in the muggle world.Only to be taunted by her the thought of...................


1. From the top

My life is... well let's just say it's...different.

so I can do weird things, everyone's different,but I just go the extra mile.I can move faster than average muggle. I can hear things from a mile away.I can make people do things which they don't normally do.I can rip through a persons skin quicker than an ice cream would melt on a hot day, but that doesn't mean I like to.

It all began when she kicked me out and by she I mean my mother.I felt rage,anger and hurt,then started to notice my senses getting stronger, I have been like a monster since I was born.The nice lady across the road mrs.rox took me in.shes ever so kind, she gave me a bed that smelled like a fresh spring morning and a room that an Olympic track can fit in.I guess she always knew my relationship with the folks weren't to good,but after all they were the only ones that new about my obscure features.

Mum hates me.I know your properly thinking 'no she doesn't get a grip' but I mean it she really does, but I don't think she hates me as much as I hate myself.From that day on she hasn't said a word to me.she knows I didn't mean to, she knows I cant control it.Honestly, I swear to you i didn't me to,I didn't mean to....

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