One. Good. Mistake. *Zayn Malik Love*

Figuring out she had a one-night stand with Zayn Malik, a band member of One Direction, Charlie is then told she must go on tour with the band for her magazine internship.
But Zayn doesn't make it easy for Charlie to forget that night or him, no matter what Charlie does.


1. ::Chapter One::


My parents flipped when I told them I’d be going on a Gap year before heading off to UNI. Mum mildly upset at first, taking many sips of the cheapest wine she could find, whilst my father just sat in his chair, staring at me in utter disbelief.

But when I told him I’d be becoming a bartender at his sister’s bar, well, let’s just say a certain lamp will be dearly missed.

Of course, he kicked me out, ignoring my mother’s many attempts to repair whatever relationship my father and I shared after that night. I didn’t bother to repair it as well; it’s what I wanted to do, before I had to become either a journalist or a veterinarian and die alone.

And now, six months later, I would dare say I didn’t regret one thing that happened that night, six months ago.

Of course, me being my father’s daughter, I had ambition in my blood. I kept it a secret from my parents but I had managed to get an internship at one of the best magazines in the United Kingdom.

I went to it during the day and yet still worked as a bartender at night. Because I worked at night at the bar, I got paid double than those who worked during the day, because at night I had to deal with those who had gotten themselves beyond knackered [drunk].

“Charlie,” A placid voice whispered into my ear, shaking me out of my trance. “Stop spacing and get back to work, we don’t pay you that many pounds so you can just sit on your arse all night long.”

I rolled my eyes and grinned at my partner for the night, “Oh, Cole, you know you wouldn’t survive without me being here.”

Cole glared back, “Whatever, Charlie, but seriously work. Oh, look at that, five excited lads just popped in, go check on them.”

I turned my head ninety degrees and spotted the five lads Cole was talking about, groaning as they were all chipper and whatnot, upset because I had nothing to be happy about whatsoever at the moment.

“Why can’t you, Cole? I took the last ones, I’ll take over here, if you go out there,” I pleaded Cole, flashing him my puppy face.

He flipped me the bird but moved away from the bar, leaving me alone, but I kept an eye on him, seeing which guy he would hit on. Oh yah, Cole is gay by the way.

 I watched as he eyed the one with blond hair, but was intrigued as one of them split off, none of his mates noticing him leaving them. I became aware that he had a part of his black quiffed hair, dyed blond which definitely brought out his eyes.

But as I noticed all of this, I did not realize that he was standing in front of me, waiting. I shook myself and looked down in embarrassment, but then quickly shook myself and looked back up.

“What may I get you?” I asked him quietly.

He looked past my shoulder, eyeing the options available, “Just the regular.”

I nodded and turned around, reaching down and grabbing a beer, before turning back around and handing it to the guy.

“Nice tattoo,” He said, winking slyly, before slipping away and going back to his friends.

My eyes widened in more embarrassment, reaching up to my shoulder and pulling my tank-top up higher, covering up the only tattoo on my body. I kept my eyes on the guy as he sat down next to his blonde friend, across from his three brown haired guys.

“Attractive, aren’t they?” Cole noted as he entered the back of the bar, standing right next to me.

I stared, “I guess…um, Cole, if you wouldn’t mind, I’m going to leave early. I kind of have an important assignment for my internship tomorrow and I’m tired.”

Cole nodded and I took off my uniform and grabbed my handbag and walked past the five guys, my eyes making no eye contact with any of them as I shoved my way out of the bar.

Honestly, I’m not the one to run away from things I don’t understand, or jump at a sudden movement, but when that hand landed on my shoulder and turned me around, well I used my ninja moves that my father taught me.

I was pretty damn good.

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