bestfriend boyband

this is the story of hannah. a girl who dreams of being a singer but is too shy to tell her dad a big time music producer who also produces one direction.


1. meeting

hannah's P.O.V

"Yeah, yeah thats great. yes see you later. bye."my father said and snapped his phone on the table so loud I could hear it through my plush duvet. It was a saturady which meant I was supposed to be getting to sleep in but no unlike most teenagers, I have to go to my dads bussniess meetings. Fun right. Well it kinda is, my dad is a music producer and a manager. I wonder which teenager wants to be the next justin beiber today?I push my Duvet off of me and I hopped out of bed and got in the shower. I dried my hair and applied my eyeshadow, eyelinner and mascara. "Hannah?you ready to go?" My father yelled from downstairs. "yeah comming." i responded and jumped of my bed shoes in hand. 

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