My Terrible yet lovley life

Little Miranda Peters was bullied so much but when she complained to her mum she'd beat her. She has been so scared she uses google and friends to slove her problems. they help a lot. When her mum dies from kidney cancer caused by drinking she has to get adopted.


1. Bullying

"Guys come on what did I do this time?"I screamed as Ashley head cheerleader and her friend pushed me against the lockers."Oh shut up u snob!" her friend snapped."hey im the on who talks here!"Ashley yelled at the both of us."Its cuz we know ur secret!" Ashley said in excitement but a alot of sadness within her words."what secret?"i said cassualy hoping she didn't know her bf kissed me."Well," she said while letting go of me"i know u get beaten by ur mother." she said calmly with a tear dropping from an eye.I brust into tears. Suprizing me with her stremgh she put me down back in the gyms hotub. she got in as well and hugged me."I hope a pretty girl like u will never again go through this she said.More tears poured through my eyes"Ashley ur the best im glad u stopped this madness!" "thanks"was all she said then I went home.

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