Camelot is different. Alexia Pendragon, youngest daughter of King Uther Pendragon is locked away in a tower by her power crazed older sister Morgana. Her boyfriend Merlin is put under a spell and her brother older Arthur isn't real. she created a place called paradise but will her paradise rise and conquer or crash and burn, taking everything with it.


1. prolouge

It was a warm day in Camelot and Uther was sending another young warlock to his death. The boy looked up at Uther with begging eyes,

"please I beg you, I mean no harm to you or your daughters!" he looked at the two girls either side of Uther. One had golden hair no longer then her shoulders and bright blue eyes, while the other had long raven black hair and gorgeous green eyes. The blonde girl stood

"Father please, he says he's sorry and doesn't want to harm you or I" she said "please let him go"

"He has magic therefore he cannot live!" he snapped

"But father-"

"Sit down Alexia!" he yelled and she sat down in her throne. "You have been found guilty of magic and will be sentenced to death" the words hit the boy like a ton of bricks "guards, take him away" Uthers men dragged the boy and everyone else left the court room except for Uther and his daughters.

"He did not deserve that!" Alexia snapped standing in front of her father "he was just a boy!"

"A boy who had magic!"

"You say it as if it's a bad thing" the raven haired girl said calmly while standing and walking towards her sister.

"This is not your fight Morgana!" Uther said clutching his fists.

"if it's Alexis's, it's mine" she said putting her arm around her younger sister

"I will have no part in this!" Uther pushed past the girls to the door but before her could leave Alexia shouted at him

"Just remember how I feel about Magic!"

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