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  • Published: 16 Jun 2013
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about the teen life

its a school thing and a part of a competion i have whit a friend to get most likes/comments and readers


1. The Teenage Life - First day of High School





Teenage life - First day of High School

   Morning 6:30am : 

 Today is first day of High School, but I don't wanna go. My sister always told me, how hard it will be.And people are mean to each other I don't wanna try the same.  But my parents forces me to go. I decided to wake up, and get out of bed to get ready for the day. 
  When I came downstairs I saw my mom and my sister, my sister is home from college for a week because she wanted to be here when I had my first day in High School, I was glad she is coming to so i'm not alone on my first day.

" Good-morning  sweetie slept well " my mom asked." Morning mom I slept okay it was a little hard to sleep thinking of today" I said." Yeah its your first day of High School are you excited for today" my sister asked." No i'm not "  I said to my sister.

After I ate my breakfast it was time to go to the bus stop to get the bus to school
when I came to school I didn't know where to go, neither did my sister.  We found the main door and went inside, I saw that everybody, had someone to talk to everybody but me. I told my sister she could go home since she could'en go to my classes anyway.

I went down to the main office  to get all the information, that I need to know for my classes and my locker and all that stuff. When I was at the office I saw that there two girls in front of me, they stood there talking to the one in the office. When it was my time to talk to the woman I slowly went up to her to get the stuff. 

After I got my stuff I looked at the school schedule, and looked what the my first class is which is math. I went to my locker to put my books in before class when I got to my locker. I saw a cute guy having the locker next to mine. I opened my locker and put my books in it, I looked to the site, I saw the guy talking to one of his friends. 

I began to think that I was all alone . Because I was in my own thoughts I landed on my bum. I looked up, and saw the cute guy next to my locker.

" I'm so sorry I was in my on world so I didn't know where I ..." he cut my off by saying " Its okay its my fold I didn't see you. And i havent ever seen you here before are you new " 
" Yeah i'm new " I said a bit shy not knowing what to say.

" Well I know the way around maybe I can show you if you want to you don't have to if you don't want" " no I would love to " I said looking down blushing.
" so what is your first  class " he asked " Ummmm " I looked at my schedule again since I forgot it " its math " I said trying not to stud. He took the schedule out of my hands, and looked closely at it, and said " its almost the same as mine. This is gonna be fun hanning out whit you wanna be friends whit me." He asked.

" Yeah that would be awesome " I said coulden belive it i got a friende and good lookinh one " my name is Jack you " "im rebecca" I coulden belive it I got a friend 
We went to the first class, when we came in nobody was there so we just sad down and began talking about alot of weird stuff until the bell rang. After a coupel of seconds the teacher came she looked weird at me, since she haden't seen me before " ohh you most be the new girl would like to come up here and tell us about your self " she asked.

I slowly went up to the front desk,I was nervous to talk cause I didn't know what to say. " I i umm "  I tried talking but it was like I coulden. " ohh a mute freak did the cat swole your tounge " I became more scared.

At this point everybody yelled something at me there was only one that wasnt laughing or yelling at me, was Jack and of couse the teacher I got so scared that I ran out of the class.
I only got a littel away before someone pulled me to them and hold me tied, I didne let go i felt protect after a coupel of minutes  pulled away, and looked up and saw it was Jack. "Why arent you whit others making fun of me like everyone els " I asked 

" because that was me 2 years ago I never got any friends so when someone new came I had to get to know you before anyone els so I maybe could get one friend " He said 
After he said that I quikely hugged him making sure he was okay,I looked up at him and smiled. I was pretty sure we are going to be good friends.

After school we went to my house to hang out, as soon I got home my mom and sister were soon at the door and hugged me tight. " mum cant breath " I said " oh sorry.. but who is this is guy " " yeah who is he,is he single are you two dating" My mom and sister where over the clouds about him " This is Jack and I dont know if he is single and we are not dating please leave us alone and let us do our homework" I said. We went upstairs and into my room. we sad on my bed not really talking it was all kinda akward. We both looked into each others eyes he had so beauitful blue eyes,they where like looking at the ocean. 

" You have really beautiful eyes" hye said 
" you to " I said looking down blushing until I felt two finger under my chinthey took my face up,so I looked him in the eyes he slowly begin leaning and so did,I we where only inches away from each. 

Until I heard my mom and sister in the door,we quikly pulled away.  We went downstairs since he had to go home, I followed him to the door we just stood there and looked at each others eyes again I qukliy kissed his cheek and said " goodbye " and closed the door I smiled all night and coulden sleep just thinking about him 


I woke up already smiling just thinking about Jack,
but then I began to think about all the peopel that yelled at me yesterday well atleast Jack is there. when I came to school everybody startedt yelling, when I came to my locker I didn't Jack. When I looked at my locker I saw that it was coverd in sticky notes all of them were all the insult they have yelled at me. 

My eyes became watery,I ran to bathroom as fast as I could trying not to cry. When I came to the bathroom I went into the nearst stall I went though my back pack looking for something sharp, after looking in a few minutes I heard the voice I needed the most rigth now. It was Jack " REBECCA WHERE ARE YOU COME OUT PLEASE     " I slowly opende the door and saw Jack standing there whit flowers in his hands, he dropped the flowers and hugged as fast and hard as he could making sure I woulden't go anywhere.

I began crying slightly into his shoulder, I just felt so safe in his arms. I asked him why he was late han he told me it was because he was buying flowers for me. when he said that i blushed looking down, he mad me look him in the eyes he was leaning in and so was I and then it happend we kissed I coulden be more happy. All I need is him maybe I have only knowen him for two days but I know it had to be him.

When I came home that day I had Jack and we told my mom and sister everything and things is touf but if life give you lemons then make lemonade.

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