Im In Love With A Stranger

18 Year Old Vanessa Has Just Moved To London With Her Best Friend, Kelly. After Work, And Partying, A specific Guy Catches Her Eye, And She catches it all a joke? or will Vanessa finally find love.


15. Dont Be Mad

Vanessa's POV

it took me half an hour to get him to come upstairs and lay with me.

hes mad because he thinks i dont trust him. did i over react?

i didnt think i did, but maybe im wrong.

"Harry, talk to me please" i begged

"fine......goodnight' he said turning away from me.

"harry" i whispered as i dosed off.

the next morning i woke up too Harry caressing my back, i turned and he smiled showing his dimple.

"morning love" he said

"morning" i smiled, crap i had work.

i got up and dressed did my makeup and hair, everthing i needed and kissed harry and was about to leave.

harry grabbed me and threw me on the bed, "where are you going darling?" he asked in a cheeky tone.

"wooooooorrrrkk" i giggled.

"nope, i called you in sick, that Niall guy hates me even more" he chuckled

i laughed and whined, "i gotta worrrrrrkkkk"

"No, Babe Just NOOOO" He winked

what got into him lately, one minute hes ignoring me and the other hes flirting??


Harry's POV

i dont know, something about her made it impossible to ignore like im under a spell, just as long as she stays home, maybe i can make it up to her..

"im sorry for ignoring you, i was acting immature, i know you didnt mean to hurt me, so were even." i told her

she nodded and smiled. i know she was hurt as well.

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