Keep Dreamin'

Kasey is 18 years old and has a big dream/plan ahead of her. She wants to get into Penn State University after she graduates and is thinking of being a doctor. So far ,she has kept her dream ahead of her and not behind. As times get hard will her dreams fade away? Or will she be able to stay strong, determined, and confident? Read to go with Kasey through her adventure.


1. Confidence

  "Kasey", mom calls," Hurry up, you cant be late again." I ran down the stairs into the kitchen and grabbed my keys and ran out the door. When i was on the road i started saying my daily prayer ,"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." I say it about ten times a day on my way to school. It really helps my confidence level.


    I pulled on the double doors and ran for class. "No Running!", Mrs.Baker, the office secretary yelled. I threw my Things that i didn't need into my locker and headed straight to class.Thank gosh i wasn't late to class, only three other people were there! "Late again", Mr.Charles says, giving me 'the look'. As startled as i was, i managed to get a few words out. "How am I late?" He was busy writing my parents a note saying it was my third time being late to his math class and all of that kind of stuff. "Well unfortunately, the other twenty caught a bad virus and wont be back till  a week before graduation",He finally replies.I wonder why he didn't cancel class. Well Graduation isn't for a month so my confidence and determination is going to have to stay up. I cant slack off.

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