Angel DONE

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  • Published: 14 Jun 2013
  • Updated: 14 Jun 2013
  • Status: Complete
its the same story as Englen just in english the other one is danish


1. Angel

I was walking down streets on my way home school today I picked going through the ally to make a short cut but I felt like someone was behind so I went faster and the sound was stopping and so did I when I got home the door was locked so I unlocked it inside my house was a disaster my couch was broken and my tv was missing I thought I was roped but then I heard the sound I was hearing in the ally and I got scared I went to the kitchen and got a knife so I could defend myself if someone tried to kill me I heard the sounds from upstairs.

I slowly went upstairs to check it out when I got up there I saw someone sitting on my bed I saw my dad the one who left me when I was 15 when I needed him the most but what is he doing her I did en tell anyone where I moved because I wanted to get settled first but now he is here I havent seen him for 5 years 

I looked at him I think I saw a tier run down his face I layed down the knife and went over to him
" what are u doing here " I said" im sorry I should't have come I just missed u and I wanted to tell u there is a reason that I left I..I.." I cut him of by hugging him 
"its okay dad I know why u left u don´t have to tell me why just don´t leave me again  " I said still hugging him we went downstairs and grabbed a cup of tea then there was a knock on the I went over to the door  

when I opened the door I saw a police office standing there
" have u seen Jacob sako he escaped from prison just a few houres ago " The officer asked
I looked at the Picture and saw it was my dad I now had a littel panic attack  " umm I think he is in my kicthen im sorry I didne know he was in prison please I so so so sorr... " he cut me off by saying " its okay mam I know u didne now no one did but are u okay " " yes im fine but he is in the kitchen so I can just take him " the police officer called pepole WHo could pick him
after a half houre later they where here and caugthe him

I then went to my bath room and decide I was time to leave this place and no I didne meen my home I ment the World I decide to go downstairs and take a robe and went to the park cause I knew if I had to die I had to be found so I woulden rod up in this house so no one would live here after me when I got to the park saw no one was there so I found the perfect tree I did all the Things ready when I was ready to jump and I did and my life was over finale
But no I had to be saved by a really hot guy came and saved me " are u okay what are u doing to yourself u shoulden die " he said 
" who are you and what are u doing being here saving me I want to die "  i said 
" im joey and im here to save u im your guardin angel so im here to protect u from stupid things like this " he said I was shocked I havent seen that coming espacielly not a angel who is so hot like him 

then he took out his hand for me to hold on to and go down from the tree then I took his hand and went down and looked at him in to his eyes they are blue and shinny when I took his hand it was just so soft that I diden want to let go of it I felt like i was in heaven and maybe i was

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