Never been kissed

My story is going to talk about a broken teenager girl who lived a true love story
But at the end .. Everything was a joke and a big lie
Hope you enjoy it , notice :: its a true story


1. Eyes talks

  "The hardest thing to do is watch the one you love, love someone else"..  Once upon time .. There was a teenager girl her name is sara .. She was 16 years old , she was in the high school , she saw a lot of bad things in her life , but she stayed strong and fight ,, in her class , there was a boy. His name is harry .. They were best friends ,but in the second term she felt that she loved him and she told him because he is her best friend, he think and said : its okay why not ? So they became couples "lovers" , when he hold sara's hand she felt something , relax ... When they are together she forget all the world and its problems ,  One day , they were on the english class , while the teacher was teaching he was holding her hand and smile to her The teacher felt uncomfortable , when the class finished she told all the students that she will give all of them mines 2 because something was happened when she was teaching and all of them was blaming sara and harry because its their fault .. It was a wonderful day because they were together all the time  At the end of the day , you know they should say good bye  Their good bye was on holding each other and say fuck you and good bye without any kisses 
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