Expectations and Heartbreaks

Sam Carter bumps into none other that Harry Styles on her way to an interview for a photography job. Who knew that having coffee spilled down your shirt was a turn on? Is it better to love no one than more than one person at once?


1. Interviews and Meeting, Who?

“Cass you’re going to make me late!” I called up the stairs to my best friend and roommate.

“I’m coming, I’m coming. Settle down Sam.” She says to me while running/tripping down the stairs.

“Sorry I guess I’m just a bit nervous” I say while getting into her car. I am being interviewed to be the photographer for a magazine in London. I am practically sick with excitement.

“Don’t worry about it Sam, you’re amazing” Cass says with a smile.

“Thanks Cass” we drive for about 30 minutes before arriving at a massive building.

“Well this is it. Here goes nothing,” I say while getting out of the car. I look down at my phone to see the time when someone runs straight into me spilling coffee on my shirt.

“Oh so sorry babe” I hear a deep voice say. Babe? I don’t even know this guy and he calls me babe?

“Don’t worry about it. No big deal” I say and look up. A boy maybe about 19 or 20 stands in front of me holding about 5 or 6 Starbucks cups. He is wearing a beanie and some very expensive sunglasses. Something about him seems oddly familiar.

“I just about knocked you down and spilled coffee all over your front of course I’m going to worry about it,” he says in an obvious tone. “Let me go buy you another top,” he says with a concerned tone.

“I’m going to be late to my interview. I really appreciate your concern though,” I say with a smile.

“Not many girls can have coffee spilled all over them and still be nice to the person. That’s something special,” he says with a laugh.

“Thank you. I better buy you a new coffee though,” I say with a smile.

“Nah. I’ve got extra.” He says with a smirk. “Where is your interview?” he asks

“Right in there and I’m going to be late,” I say.

“Really? I’m going in there right now too. Would you like to walk in with me?”

“I’d love too. Wait who are you? I ask then realizing that it sounded rude, I say, “I mean, what’s your name?”

“Harry. Harry Styles.” He says slowly in anticipation. I look at him with my mouth open. “Wait, what?” I ask him.

And it hit me. That’s why he looked so familiar. But Harry Styles? How could I not have known it was him?

He must have seen the confused expression on my face because he takes of his sunglasses showing the rest of his face.

You would probably expect me to start fangirling or play it cool. But I start laughing like an idiot right in front of one of the most famous boys on the planet. He looks confused for a moment before joining in and we sit there on the stairs of the building laughing our heads of for like five minutes. When we finally stopped laughing he says, “And you are?” “Sam. Sam Edwards” I say with a smile.

“I’m late for my interview.” I say and turn towards the door.

“Don’t worry about it. I’ll tell them you were with me and they will understand.” He says and opens the door for us.

“I’m Sam Carter and I have an interview for photographer.” I tell the lady sitting behind the desk.

“Ah yes. Sam. Welcome. You are going to floor 6. Good luck! Hello Harry, nice seeing you again.” She says with a smile.

“Same with you Mrs. James” he says politely and we walk in the elevator.

I press the floor 6 button. “What floor Harry?”

I look at him expecting an answer and find him staring at me. “Um Harry?”

“Yeah?” he says blinking out of his gaze. “What floor?” I ask again.

“6. Thank you.” He says laughing to himself.

We sit in silence until the bell rings when we get to our floor.

I step out into an amazing office. A lady probably in her early fourties greets me with a warm hug. I awkwardly hug her back and I see Harry laughing at me behind her. “Sam! So nice to meet you finally! I’ve looked at some of your pictures and decided not to worry about interviewing you.” She says.

“Oh. So should I leave?” I ask in a confused tone.

“No no no darling. You got the job!” she says excitedly. “And today, you’ll be taking photos of the lovely One Direction!” 

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