Being Cheated On Is A Bitch

Just a story about a woman, who's been cheated on and she's taking it really badly. There's a bit of a twist all the way through, and then another one at the end so, keep an eye out for those *wink* Anyway, I hope you enjoy reading this and would love to hear some feedback :0)


1. Being Cheated On Is A Bitch

"So how long has it been going on?" Alison Mitchell asked her boyfriend of three years.

"About four months." her boyfriend, Toby, squeaked.

"Four months?!" She screamed, not turning to face him, not wanting to look into his deep green eyes, knowing she would fall for all of his crap and forgive him, "You say it like it's nothing!"

"But it is nothing!" He purred. "She means nothing to me!"

"Ok yeah, thanks." Toby's lover, Amber, interjected.

"You!" Alison shouted, turning to face Amber, catching a glimpse of Toby's neatly groomed ginger hair, "You're lucky I didn't kill you by now! So if I were you, I would shut up!"

Amber hissed at Alison and turned away, weaving in between the support pillars in the kitchen, before making her way to the fridge. Alison began pacing the living room, something she tended to do a lot when she was stressed or angry.

"So let me get this straight," Alison reiterated, "You have been sleeping with . . . whatever that is, for the last four months, claim it's nothing and expect me to forgive you like that?!" She snapped her fingers to emphasise her point. They both looked over at Amber to see her accidentally punch a hole in a carton of milk with her nails and spill it over her arm and across the kitchen island. She licked her hand and arm clean before slurping the remainder of the milk off the granite countertop.

"She's a charmer." Alison said in disgust, "Was she a stray? Is that what it was? Would nobody else have her?"

"She lives with the neighbours." Toby replied plainly.

"Oh, so that makes it all ok, does it?! I just can't believe you would cheat on me!" Alison sobbed, sitting down in the armchair opposite Toby, still refusing to look at him. He hurried over to her and attempted to climb up on her lap. Alison quickly pushed him off and he fell on his bottom, unusually enough. Normally, he would land on his feet when Alison pushed him. He quickly got up and shuffled back over to his original seat.

"Look." Toby said softly, "I am so sorry for cheating on you. Can you please give me another chance? Alison look at me." He looked up at Alison to notice that she was trembling with rage. He turned around to see Amber sitting on the island, engrossed in pushing a ball of wool around the worktop.

"Will you get off the island?!" Alison bellowed, "And don't flash your nails at me, okay? I've seen that more than once in my day and it never scares me!"

"Maybe you should leave, Amber." Toby said calmly. "I have to work this out."

"Ok." Amber purred, before hissing at Alison once again, padding towards the front door, and leaping out of the window next to it.

"What were you thinking?!" Alison asked in disbelief, finally turning around to face Toby.

"Please forgive me, Alison." He begged as she examined his beautiful green eyes, his long whiskers and his reddish brown hair, precisely combed down his back and towards his furry tail.

"I just don't know if I can trust you anymore, Toby." Alison said, with a tear in her eye, "I'm sorry. Maybe you should go."

"Ok." Toby answered dejectedly, as he strolled out the cat flap and down the street, and left Alison to gaze after him, watching her boyfriend, her life companion, and her only good friend saunter down the road and into the path of an oncoming lorry......


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