My New Life- Sequel to My Brother Ed Sheeran (Harry styles love story)

So Andy and Harry have been going out for 1 year and the boys with their girlfriend had been going for about 5 months. Will Andy and Harry last long or will they have to break up?


1. Am i mean?

When we got home I was the first one out of the house I unlocked the house with my spare key and went right into my room and looked the door. I crawled into bed and started sobbing util i heard many knocks in my door. I opened the door and everyone came barging in Harry came to me and embraced me and then looked at me and saw that i was crying. "What happened Andy" He asked me "I'm a meanie i was going to hit Danielle" I said and buried my head in his chest. "Andy you are not a meanie you were doing that for a friend i would've done that also" He said Then Ed came and hugged me and told me "Andy Harry is right i also would've done that if something like that happened to you or my friends you are not a meanie you are the only person i see with a smile on every second on my life"He said I looked up and smiled at him "There's the smile i like and adore" Harry and Ed said at the same time and then Louis brought us all in a group hug


Love you potatoes and carrots  

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