Heart Breaker

Kira Johansen is A 17 year old. She attends Lake Mccreery Highschool. Kira's boyfriend Jai soon realizes Kira is not the girl he wants anymore. Kira is heart broken. Who will be there for her in the end? Harry, Niall, or Liam?


1. Heart Breaker

Kira was shopping at her favorite store with her bestfriend, Bree. Kira loved fashion and always looked put together. Kira had $40.00 left to find the perfect dress for the spring dance coming up in May (2 months away) Jai, her boyfriend had asked her last week to attend the dance with him. Kira knew this dress had to be special. So she would not settle on anything. Even after 10 dresses the perfect dress had not been discovered quite yet. "Kira this is the last dress, i hope you like it!" Bree tossed the purple and aquamarine sequined dress over the changing room door and crossed her fingers. "I love it" . Bree jumped up and down and yelled "let me see!!" Kira swung the door and Grinned. Bree was amazed at how beautiful Kira really did look. Kira quickly sent Jai a very excited text saying, Jai! Just got a dress for spring formal! Can't wait for you to see!!

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