Fun in the Sun

Riley and Jessica are best friends who live at the beach. Riley had just moved here, about a year ago. Jessica had no friends, then. She was bullied, and Riley stuck up for her. The two have been best friends ever since. Now, seventeen, senior year, they are planning to have the best summer ever, talking about boys, surfing, partying, and trying to help each other win the boys of their dreams. Oh, and did I mention? They're mermaids.


1. Oh. My. Cow.



I walked down the hall way of Lincoln High; California.
Yeah, I know what you're thinking: OO! Beaches! Fun in the sun! Woo-hoo! But, no. Just no. Mainly, California is all surfing, surf shops, and surf boards, which is why I'm a surfer. Ryan is too.... Sorry, little off topic. Ryan is my crush, he's seventeen, like me, has brown, wavy hair, tan skin, and, sorry, but the dude's got muscles. Surfer, too.
I have black, curly hair, tan skin, sea green eyes, and a Mediterranean complexion. Makes sense, as my parents are Greek.
My brother, Jackson, 14, has dark-brown-almost-black hair, like my dad. My sister, Haley,15, is the younger image of me. My mom is an older image of me, and my dad an older image of Jackson.
My best friend is Jessica. She has a typical California look, with blonde hair and blue eyes and really tan skin. Her blonde hair is always up in a high messy bun. Mine too, unless it's a formal party or something.
So, anyway, back to topic. Lincoln High: walking down the halls. Off to Science.
I plopped down in my seat next to Jessica. Today is our last day of school!
Today, though, the impossible happened. Mrs. Maruskin was boring. All we did was play on our phones or watch the movie, which was a total NO WAY. It was Wizard of Oz, the old one.
Ok, that was basically all my classes: phones/movie, soooooo SCHOOL'S OUT!
As soon as I got home I raced to get my bathing suit on. My family's house is a spacious beach-front house that my dad is able to afford because he is one of the top-notch people in the Apple company, and basically, he's a millionaire.
I hate it.
Everyone always says, "That's so cool!" and, "You are soooo lucky!"
 But... I miss our little tiny apartment that we used to have with all it's leaks and cracks and even the mice. And Dad's almost never home. Always working.
Jessica's so lucky. Her family is... Well, kind of poor. She lives with her mom and grandma in a hut her father built in the woods at the end of the beach before he sailed away. That's one thing we have in common, we rarely see our dads. Hers is a sea captain, always traveling. But at least he brings back presents. 
The only gift my dad has given me just because is the new iPhone 5S. Pretty cool, don't get me wrong, but, Jessica's gifts are homey things, like t-shirts and snow globes.
Haley and Jackson are totally fine with our new, rich life. Haley, my younger, 12 year old sister is totally girly. Hates bugs, the outdoors, she basically hates nature. Jackson is your total 14 year old teen age boy. Shuts himself up in his room, rarely talks to family, cusses a lot. Fun.
I yanked open a dresser drawer and pulled out my surfing bikini. I have two, my surfing one which is aqua marine with lime green straps and is triangle shaped for the top, and the bottom is aqua marine with no ties at the hips, so it stays on pretty good. My other bikini is strapless with a ring in the center and is sea-blueish-green, and the bottom has ties. Really long ties. Literally, my butt is barely covered, and the front is a small triangle. My mom bought it for me. See, she's not the best mom with caring about modesty. When she bought it for me, she said it would make me look "sexy."
This is why I hate being rich.
I always wear raggedy clothes, stuff like ripped jean shorts, t-shirts with slits cut on the sleeves and on my waist, and high-tops.
My mom, if I'm not going surfing, insists that I wear my non-surfing bathing suit. Something I bring my surf board just so I don't have to wear it, she's driven me that far.
One thing I'll admit: it does kind of make me feel hot, and I don't get that feeling very often.
"Honey, are you going surfing?"
"Yeah, with Jess,"
"Ok!" My mom called from the kitchen.
I bent down by the back door to find my usual beach cover-up in the bin where everyone throughs their cover-ups. My only cover-up is tight, short jean shorts.
As you've probably guessed, my mom likes to show off my body, like, "Hey everyone! This is my beautiful, sexy, skinny daughter!"
I think all the rich moms are in competition, no, I KNOW they are.
This is why I have a second mom, Lacey. She's in her thirties and works at the Rita's on the beach. She gives me advice and all that stuff.
I ran out the door and raced down to the beach, arriving at Jessica's and I's usual spot.
We arrived at the same time. Jessica was wearing a bathing suit like mine, except it was pink.
"C'mon! Let's go!" Jessica said, plopping down her bag and spreading out her towel.
I set up the umbrella, spread out my towel, put my bag on top of it and slipped off my shorts.
"Riley," Jessica said, looking out towards the ocean.
"Yeah?" I said, snapping my bag shut.
"Ryan and Dylan are out there... With out their swim shirts this time."
Oh. My. Cow.
Ryan got out of the water and flicked, you know, where boys flick their hair out of their face. I'm gonna melt.
Meanwhile Jessica fan-girled over Dylan. Dylan is 17, like us. He has flowy brown hair, is always wearing tank tops, and he is really cute. He loves to surf, swim, skateboard, and of course, hang out at the beach. Typical California boy.
They came out of the water and headed towards us. "Hey guys, water's great!" Ryan said.
"I bet, the weather's supposed to be amazing this week," I said, admiring his smile.
"Yeah! Ryan and I are gonna have a surfing party here next week!"
"We still have to get the invitations out, you guys are the first to know."
"I feel so...honored," Jessica said, fanning her face comically.
The boys and I cracked up.
"Want to know the best part about the party?" Dylan asked.
"What?" I said.
"It's a nude party!" He shouted.
Jessica's eyes and my eyes widened.
"He's kidding, it's a night surfing party," Ryan said.
I rolled my eyes at Dylan. "Of COURSE you of all people would make that joke."
"Hey, it was funny."
"Sure it was. Last one in the water's a rotten egg!" I screamed.
Everyone raced to get into the water. The rotten egg ended up being Ryan, because Dylan had pushed him out of the way.
I laughed. "Come ON!"
While we surfed, I wondered what bathing suit I'd wear. Even if I was surfing, my mom would MAKE me wear my non-swimming one if she found out where I was going. But I liked this one. Ugh.
Just then a huge wave started. "Come on guys!" Jessica called. We raced to catch the wave at the right moment. 
"Calabunga!" I yelled as I caught the wave. We all had, and dang, this wave was HUGE!
After another hour in the water, the boys had to leave. As soon as they were out of sight, Jessica and I sank into the water with a knowing look.
Getting deep enough, Jessica and I gave our bodies permission. Permission to change into mermaids.
Now, the thing you should know about being a mermaid, have you ever seen the movie Aqua Marine? Well, being a mermaid is almost exactly like that, except at night, we can keep our legs. But when we change into mermaids, we basically have nothing on. So... Our hairs covers our parts just like Aqua's in the movie.
In the water though, we can't control our hair, so Jessica and I had to get used to seeing each other. Now, we could hardly care less.
"Race ya to the reef!" I heard Jessica's voice inside my head.
It's cool, mermaids can communicate telepathically in and out of water. We have full conversations with out even looking at each other at school.
I remember how we became mermaids together....

"Shut up and give me your lunch money, squint!" Sid demanded.
"But then I won't have anything to eat for lunch," Jessica said.
"I don't care. Give me your-"
"Oh go pick on someone your own size, buster," I said. "Don't you have something better to do, instead of picking on someone better then you?"
All the kids gapped at me with their mouths open.
"Isn't that the new girl?" a girl whispered to her friend.
"Yeah!" the friend whispered.
Hey, I'm trying to make a reputation for myself after all, I thought.
"Oh yeah, and what are you going to do about it?" Sid snarled at me.
"I'll tell you what I'm gonna do, I'm gonna fire you from this set!" I yelled, getting an idea.
"What do you mean?"
"Your line is supposed to be, 'Fine, I'll pick on you.' Make the audience believe you aren't afraid of me! Audience, did he do that just then?"
"No!" Several boys cried out.
Apparently Sid was thick, because he sat there like an idiot trying to figure out what just happened as Riley dragged Jessica to the cafeteria.
"Thanks," Jessica said.
"Eh, no prob. Can I sit with you for lunch?"
"Sure. My table consists of only me, anyway."
That was where we had become friends. After school we became mermaids.
We had been surfing for about an hour, when a wave took us under. We had cut our hands on some coral, and instantly transformed. At first, Jessica had stared at me dumfounded, then got red in the face as my hair flew everywhere, and me likewise. We had spent another hour swimming around, going deeper and deeper. We figured out how to change back and forth, and all the telepathic stuff.

Now, we were swimming to that same coral reef, where it all began.

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