One last wish

When life and fantasy are mixed together, you can't expect anything but a recipe for disaster. Heartbreak is only a small part of the plethora of downfalls. There's always that one thing a girl always wants. Like a dream that continuously swims in her mind. And the worst part is, the invention of TV series has made those dreams more defined and they seem so probable, so achievable yet the truth is that life isn't a TV show. It isn't a Disney story and neither is it a Shakespeare play. Life is indefinable but to say that it is full of atrocities is an understatement. Some people get a relatively easy life and some get ones that are relatively tough and truly inspirational. But no matter what, everyone faces problems and in their own mindset those problems bring mountains of grief.

This is the diary of an average girl who may not be Anne Frank but still faces problems that only dear diary can understand.


1. Just the beginning: ME

I maybe just an average 17 year old girl, not too good at anything, not too pretty, not even very sporty. I have no exceptional qualities. But i believe in myself. And that's what keeps me happy, keeps me going. Deep down i know that i'm not very special, but i like to think I am. I have friends that i can appreciate, an appetite that is unsatisfied and all the good food in the world. Food is my savior, my stress-freeing mechanism. And luckily, my metabolism is as active as a squirrel on caffeine. Despite my nasty eating habits, i manage to stay reasonably size 12, which I'm happy with.


My life isn't too exciting, nor is it motivational. But i still want to write down all my feelings. Because the one other thing that gets my mind off things is writing. To pour out all my feelings lets off this heavy burden that i carry.


I'm the type of retard that cries for no reason, puts on bright red lipstick only at home so i can see what i look like and pretends to be in a soap opera in solitude. I never watch TV unless my exams are right round the corner, in which case i gain a sudden interest in knowing what the weather is like in America and what happened when the volcano in Pompeii burst clouds of ash.


As a child, I tried maintaining a diary, but because of my terrible forgetfulness i never succeeded. However, of the tiny bit that i HAVE written, i enjoy reading it and pondering over why I was so unbelievably stupid. And that is why now, after all these years, I have this sudden thirst to write down everything I feel, so that one day, I can read back and laugh at my petite pons asinorums (not sure if that word makes sense in this context but i googled it and its definition seemed fine in this context) 


This diary seems more like a blog than a personal diary. But i guess i want people to read it otherwise i wouldn't be publishing it on movellas. I want girls out there to read this and know that no matter how weird they are, there's someone out there who is wayyy weirder.

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