There is Not Always a Forever

Two teenage girls going to london for a vacation alone for the first time. But what will happen after they meet one of the hottest band 'One Direction'? One of the girls have a dark past. Will she risk falling in love again?


1. The Beginning

Aisha's P.O.V

I just finished my shift with my best friend Samantha at Starbucks. Hey! Anyways I'm Aisha, i just turned 16 last month! We both go to Julieyard University of Art. Dancing is a hobby which was made into my passion. I have dark brown and dark brown wavy not very long hair. i just cant control my excitement cause for the first time my bestie n me are gonna go on vacation all by our selves!!!! And guess what dream destination London and plus a bonus the hottest band One Direction are on break for those two weeks. Both of us share an apartment in New York and Samantha has always been there for me like an elder sister. Starbucks is maybe 10min walking distance from our apartment. We try to keep it as neat and clean as possible but sadly most of our atempts fail. I rushed to into the shower before Sam could have have a shower and I could her yelling at me. Whatever I got washed myself and got all the coffee smell off me. I wear a pair of yoga pants with a tank. and here I start packing! I so can't wait.

Samantha's P.O.V.

I am really exhausted after today's shift at Starbucks and i also need to go and get packed up cause my best friend, Aisha and me are going for a vacation all alone. Both of us have saved really hard for this trip to London. Both of are these huge Directioners and we are hoping to bump into One Direction. I turned 17 three months ago. I have straight, dark brown hair with hazel streaks(they are natural) and dark brown eyes. We both share an apartment and love each others company. I can play the guitar and sing but not very well. I might be better at painting and i love to cook and bake. Most of our friends think we are sisters but actually we are kind of sisters by now. We reached the apartment and like always Aisha ran to the bathroom before me. After our daily shifts we smell coffee like from head to toe. In the mean while start packing and knocking the bathroom door and yelling at her to make it quick. We study at Juieyard University of Arts. I Pack all the essentials, clothes,etc,etc. Finally, Ai came out in yoga pants and a tank I told her,'Thanks, for coming out so fast.' And she playfully punched my arm. i took a quick shower and put on yoga pants, a t-shirt and put hair up in a bun. I got out my iHome and plugged in my iPod on full blast and played 'Here's to never growing up' by Avril Lavigne. And while it was playing it could see Aisha from the corner of my dancing and laughing around the whole room. After few seconds i joined in too. i handed her a hair brush and one for myself and we started singing on top of our lungs and throwing our arms and jumping anywhere possible. The moment the song ended we were both out of breath. i told her,'You better start packing a don't please forget anything like you always do! And where have you kept our passports ma'am?' She rolled her eyes said trying to calm me down,'Dear, Sam please stop worrying i have packed EVERYTHING. And as for the passports they are on the coffee table outside.' 

Aisha's P.O.V.

She is always worrying about something or the other. I've told her million times my by now I carried everything and the passports are safe! It maybe 11pm by the time finished doing last minute packing and we were too exhausted to even say goodnight and i dozed off on the couch. Next morning flight was at 6am and I have never been a morning. Next thing i know is Sam is jumping on me yelling at me to get up! i groan get out of the comfy couch see the time its 2:30 am whats the flight problem why do we have to go 3 hours prior its soooooo annoying!! I wash my body and my hair and put on red jeans and a black top with a hoodie saying,'I love One Direction' appilied some mascara and gloss. I let my hair fall neatly on my shoulders and looked in the mirror last time . Sam was wear aqua jeans with with a pretty baby pink top and a black jacket. We both looked perfect! Its was 3:15 and we both grabbed our hand bags and the rest of the luggage. There was a taxi waiting to drop us we got it. I was yet half asleep so really didnt bother talking to Sam right now. The only thing i can think about is London. 

(A/N: Hey! i hope u ppl like this book cause it is first fan fiction i have written please continue reading to know whats gonna happen next. i will try to update almost everyday! thanks love u all xx And i would lik to thank i Karina my co- writter thank u!!!! XOXO


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