Little Dead Riding Hood

This is the short, 100 word entry for the Young Writers competitions, 'A Twist In The Tale' that I have written. It is based on Little Red Riding Hood, but it's much more grim. I hope you enjoy it!
I wrote this during school, and the teachers picked out the best entries. Unfortunately, mine didn't get picked! :(. Oh well.


1. Little Dead Riding Hood

The girl ran, crimson cloak flapping in the harsh breeze. The cold air gripped her like a vice. 

Run. Don't look back.

She dared a backward glance, and saw a black shadow flitting between the skeletal trees.

"What a beautiful cloak you have, my dear..." A voice hissed. The girl spun around again, gasping for breath, and glimpsed a wolf, eyes glowing in the darkness.

A scream erupted from nearby. It took the girl a while to realise that it was herself. She clamped a hand over her mouth but it was too late.

The wolf pounced on its prey. 

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