My little secret

Emely is a 17 year old girl, she's really insecure and doesn't have much self-confidence.
She has this one thing that makes her happy, but that's just her little secret...


1. Me.

‘Emely, wake up! You’re gonna be late for school!’

 urgh ‘Yeah mom’

I look at my alarm clock: 6.30.. Seriously mom, I still have more than an hour to get ready. I grab my iPhone and check twitter like every morning. Immediately going to  Justin’s account. Ooh he tweeted the whole world when I was asleep. Again.

 I’m 17 years old and a belieber since 2009 but he never noticed me. Even spamming him every day doesn’t help. But I won’t give up, he has to notice me someday. I scroll through my twitter, tweet something random and get dressed. Just a jeans with an oversized shirt.

I’m not skinny like all the popular girls. I hate my body. I don’t have mush self-confidence and boys don’t like me. I changed schools because people used to bully me for my weight.

 ‘Taylor is here!’ I hear my mom yell. 

Taylor is my best friend , I met her the first day in my new school, we bonded immediately. I don’t get bullied here but if someone insults me Taylor is the first one to defend me. I love her. We’re like soul mates. Too bad she isn’t a belieber. That part, the belieber part of me, is something only she knows. I didn’t tell anybody because I didn’t want to get bullied again.

‘Emely, are you coming?’

 ‘Yeah I’ll be there in a minute!’

‘Heey girl’ ‘hi babe’ ‘ready for a new day in school?’

‘I guess, it’ll be another boring day’

 ‘aye, we’re gonna have fun!’

‘Tay, it’s school. There’s nothing fun about that’ she laughed

‘I guess you’re right but at least we can try to have fun’

In school we have a group of 5 people, we’re close. Although they don’t really know the real me. Sometimes it’s hard to hide the part I like the most about myself.

 ‘Hey daydreamer, I asked you something’ I saw Sophie, the most crazy girl of our group staring at me.

‘What?’ I asked in confusion.

‘I asked you if you come to my party this Friday?’

 ‘yeah I would love to come!’

‘great, so everybody is gonna be there, it’s gonna be amazing!’ she screamed in excitement.

Normally I don’t go out, I spend my days fangirling on twitter. It’s like my Hannah Montana life, nobody knows, even Taylor doesn’t know I have twitter.

Suddenly we’re interrupted by the school bell.

‘Which class do you have?’ I ask Taylor.

‘Math, you?’  ‘English’

‘Well, see you at lunch?’

‘Yeah, see ya babe’.

From the 5 people in our group I only have some classes with Taylor or Daniel. Daniel is one of the 2 boys in our group. He’s the prankster and funny one, someone like Justin. I had a crush on him last year but never told him. He probably only likes me as a friend though.

After lunch I had science with Taylor. We were talking and laughing so hard that the teacher set us apart. Again. This happens a lot to us, we’re always talking if we have the same class. Sitting alone got me bored so bored I secretly took my iPhone and got on twitter. That’s when I saw Justin was online. He just had to notice me. I was tweeting so hard that I didn’t notice the bell had rung.

 ‘Emely, babe you wanna stay here or something? Come on, we’re going home!’

 ‘I’m there in a minute!’ I just had to tweet him one last thing.

“@justinbieber you probably won’t read this and I’m almost giving up but I love you so much J”  I locked my phone and went home.

‘Bye Taylor, see you tomorrow’ ‘See you tomorrow babe’.

Taylor always drives me home because I don’t have a car. I do have a license but we don’t have enough money to buy 2 cars. We’re not poor but my dad recently died and we spent a lot money on the funeral and stuff.  I grabbed my keys and got inside.

‘Mom, I’m home!’ no reaction. ‘mom?’ nothing.

I walked into the kitchen when I saw a note on the table. ‘I’m out with friends and your sister stays with her boyfriend. The dinner is in the fridge. See you tomorrow xx’  

Well that means a party for one and with that I’m mean a whole night on twitter with Justin’s music blasting through my boxes. I warmed up my dinner and went to my room. I took my laptop and logged in on twitter.

 That’s when I saw it, I had 2000 followers more than this morning, weird, something is happening. I went to my notifications and that’s when I lost it. I started screaming and dancing.

 “@justinbieber: you should never give up. I noticed. I love you too”

I kept reading it. I couldn’t believe that the Justin Drew Bieber noticed me. I retweeted all the ‘congrats’ and started tweeting until I hit tweet limit.

Than that one thought came to my mind: ‘OMG I can send him a DM now!! But what? I’ll just start with a thank you. He probably doesn’t read it anyway.’  DM sent. OMG, reality finally hit me and I started screaming again. I have to tell Taylor! Oh I can’t, she doesn’t know I have twitter.

I guess this is my little secret now…

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