Kiss Me Under The Hazel Tree (A one direction fan fic)

Kylie McCann was your typical 15 year old girl. She went to school, had a group of friends, got good grades. She had a happy family at home, a big house she didn't have a care in the world. Until her favourite boy-band come to play nearby and little does she know it would turn her life upside down...


6. should I Or Shouldn't I

Nialls P.O.V 

through the chat we were having i couldn't help but stare at Kylie she was so perfect, Should I tell her how I feel or should I wait? what if she doesn't like me what if she likes one of the other boys...I couldn't let that happen no one else is aloud to go out with her only me !!! or that's what i hope...but I can't tell her yet it might be to soon and i might lose her even though its only our second time meeting the thought without her breaks me... 

Azzies P.O.V 

Every time i look at Niall i see him completely focused on is a bit weird if i'm honest he turns his head and see's me staring at him, he blushed a bit and looked at the ground but not long after and he starts staring again and this time I don't think i'm the only one who notices, Harry was looking to. Harry stands up and asks if he could talk to Niall privately out in the hall Niall says sure and both of them walk out.Everyone thinks nothing of it and continues with the conversation..

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