Personal Soldier (Niall Horan FF)

She couldn't. She wouldn't do it any longer. She couldn't fight any longer. She needed a soldier. That's what she thought Kevin would be. But she was wrong, all along, it was someone she would never think of. A pop star, living his dream. While she's just trying to make it another day. Summers needs him, and so dose he.


1. Summers.


Summers POV



"Get your lazy a$$ down here Summers!" My "Mom" Gina yelled. I quickly got up and ran toward the door. "About time." She said then grabbed my hair pulling me toward the kitchen. "What is this?!" She yelled shoving my face into some slimy green substance. I pulled my face out of the gooey stuff, and smelled it. Gutsy move, what ever it was, did not smell good at all. "I think it's really old pudding." I said getting up. Only to get pushed back down. "Clean it up. Also, vacuum the pool, and clean up the dog $hit room." She said walking off. " I want this house spotless, when I get back." Then she was gone. 


    See, My dad died 10 years ago, when I was four. Gina is my so called mom. I was a big daddies girl, so he left me about a trillion dollars in the bank. But Gina can access it easily. With a flip of her hair and a wink of an eye. Shes a bitc*. So ya. I don't wanna live any more, whats the point? 

  I walked outside to the doggy room. We, well I have 5 american bulldogs, 2 pit bulls, and 3 hybrid wolfs (half dog half wolf). Gina has 2 Pomeranian. I was walking and saw some big red and blue bus pulling this way. This is a private road.I Gathered Shepard, Gorge, Dogie Poo(dont jude i was 3), and Milky way. 2 wolfs (Shepard and Gorge) a bulldog (Dogie Poo) and a Pit bull (Milky Way) They were my guard dogs. They were trained for this stuff. 


  The bus parked in my drive, I studied the bus. There were 5 figures on it. Then before I could study them, the bus door open. Then 5 figures emerged. "Go!" I yelled and the dogs were off. The people looked scared. "Whoa whoa whoa!" One yelled , the dogs running at full speed still. "Heal" I yelled, the dogs stopped. "Were One Direction. Are bus is broke and we needed somewhere to stay while are bus is getting fixed." The boy with Bambi eyes said. I nodded. "Ummmm. I don't know." But then I heard a car coming up the road. Didn't matter now. "Doesn't matter now! Get your bus out of here and hurry inside the house." I yelled. THe car still far enough that the bus could leave and not be seen. If Gina knew she would have my head. "There's a auto parts store on highway 125." I yelled. Bambi nodded and told the driver something, then a large man appeared and the bus was off. 


__Really long chapter. Hope ya like it.

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