Help Me Live My Dream

A girl named Melisa has a wild dream of becoming a YouTuber but everyone at her school thinks it's stupid except for this one new kid name Jon Cozart, aka Paint from YouTube. Later int his story they become the most greatest friends and Jon helps Melisa live her dream of becoming a YouTuber. :) like if you love Jon but most importantly if you like this fan fic of him and I.


1. Jon Cozart

SLAM! “Ha ha ha ha ha!” Squished in the locker I managed to get out and be free from those stupid girls. The bell rang and once again they made me late for class. Looks like another day of detention all just because of them! I sat down at my desk and didn’t care a single dime that the whole class was staring at me. “Class, pay attention to the board. You don’t want to fail another test do you?” “No sir,” they all said. “Melisa, there is a seat in the back, why don’t you go there so that you don’t distract the class again?” “Yes sir,”  I mumbled.  I got up, grabbed my bag and walked to the back of the class. “Alright, let’s begin previewing before we get our textbooks out to study.” Most of the time we previewed I just ignored what everyone was saying and thought about why people always stare at me and why all my teachers hate me. “Now that we are done previewing, take out your textbooks and get with a partner to study with. That will be your partner for the rest of the week until the big test!” Everyone shoved and ran to be with their partner before anyone else tried to take them. All except me everyone tried to get to. I got my textbook out and sat there quietly while everyone else were practically shouting. Then all of a sudden a voice said, “Do you want to be my partner?” I looked up and saw an unfamiliar face. “Sure. I guess so.” “Thanks!” Have I mentioned that this person was a boy? No? I didn’t think so anyway. The rest of the classes we studied for the last test that we’ll ever take. Apparently, the boy who asked to be my partner in first period was in the rest of my classes so we were partners that whole time. The last bell of the school day rang and everyone quickly picked up their backpacks and ran outside a while me and my partner slowly gathered our stuff. “Hey, um I never really got your name?” “Oh yeah. Well my name is Jon Cozart. Jon is short for Jonathon.” “Cool.” “Hey um, do you mind if I get your number?” “No! Not at all!” “Thanks!” I gave him my number and he asked if he could walk home with me. “Well I have detention for being late again for class.” “I can wait. I usually go to the park and relax.” “No you don’t really have to wait for me.” “I’m fine. I mean you are my only friend here. I’m new if you haven’t noticed which you probably did.” “I knew that you didn’t seem like anyone I have met here. Also you wouldn’t of have asked to be my partner if you weren’t new” “What does that supposed to mean?” “I’ll tell you after detention!” “Kay!” I slowly walked to the detention room and sat down quietly. Detention finally went by, and I finally get to hang out with Jon again. I called Jon and he soon walked into the school building. “Alright! Let’s go,” he said. “So, tell me why if I wasn’t new then I wouldn’t of asked you to be my partner?” “Well, 1. Everyone hates me for the most stupidest reason ever! 2. The reason why they hate me is because they THINK that I have the most stupidest and the most lamest dream ever. They obviously won’t let people be who they want to be. Well, Let Me Be Who I Am. I am pretty much a performer, filmmaker all that cool and fun stuff that they think is lame.” “Really?! For that reason?! That just hurts me! I have the same dream too! Well actually, I am technically living my dream now. I have a YouTube channel called Paint.”

“I’ll check it out once I get home.” “Thanks! Promise you’ll subscribe ‘cause I promise it’ll be good?!” “I promise.” We talked about the “YouTube Business” until we got to my house. “I promise I’ll check your channel out. FaceTime or do you just want to talk on just regular old fashion way phone call?” “FaceTime. WAY easier! “Kay!” I closed the door and grabbed a banana and ran up the stairs.

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